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xine-lib (1.1.0)
  * new quality deinterlacer from dscaler: GreedyH (Greedy High Motion)
  * new quality deinterlacer from dscaler: TomsMoComp (Tom's Motion Compensated)
  * added help for most deinterlace methods
  * ffmpeg update
  * use ImageMagick to convert and display different type of images (png, jpg...)
  * improve ASX playlist parsing
  * add an extended MRL reference event (MRL title, start time, play time):
    needed for the ASX parser; deprecates plain MRL reference events.
  * goom updated to 2k4-0
xine-lib (1.0.2)
  * fixed playback of single-session Real RTSP streams, such as
  * fixed xxmc / xvmc mocomp / IDCT rendering errors caused by the big update. 
  * support --enable-fpic with recent versions of gcc
  * clip goom fps value to >= 1 [bug #1193783]
  * fixed xvmc plugin segfault when it tried software blending on nonexistant xv image
  * cleaned up libmpeg2 behaviour on xxmc plugin abrupt software fallback
  * use -fno-inline-functions with gcc < 3.4.0 (bug known to be in 3.3.5)
  * fix xxmc plugin wanting to change vld xvmc context when stream changes from
    non-interlaced to interlaced [bug #1194350]
  * speed up xx44 alphablending of large transparent areas
  * stop libmpeg2 XvMC IDCT / MOCOMP attempting software motion compensation
    [bug #1194754]
  * improve xxmc cpu-usage for IDCT / MOCOMP acceleration through better locking
    [bug #1195282]
  * gcc4 build patches [bug #1175002]
  * don't assume that file is in /usr/bin (build fix) [bug #1195539]
  * plugin loader fixes - could cause xine to lock up hard on startup [bug #1196819]
  * Fix xxmc bob deinterlacing for field-coded interlaced streams
  * Fix LE_64/BE_64 macros on non-x86 plataforms. may fixes issues with some
    demuxers like avi, asf and ogg.
  * sputext improvements/workarounds
  * add a new error message when a file we tried to play is an empty
  (zero-sized) file
  * be more POSIX-compliant (head, tail) (build fix)
  * fixed deadlock when libxine was called from the event listener thread and
    tried to flush all pending events.
  * Added xine(5), documenting MRL syntax.
  * allow playing just a single title/chapter from dvd (useful for extracting audio -
    check media.dvd.play_single_chapter)
  * new stream infos allows frontends to query current title/chapter/angle on dvds
  * new upmix_mono audio post plugin to convert mono to stereo
  * added --with-external-a52dec and --with-external-libmad switches
  * fix a locking bug which affects configuration callback functions

xine-lib (1.0.1)
  * Big XvMC quality / correctness / cpu-usage fix. [bug #1114517] 
  * fixed builds with Xv or the entire X11 unavailable
  * updated internal copies of VCD libraries to libcdio 0.71 and vcdimager 0.7.21
  * fixed compatibility with new libtool versions [bug #1094262]
  * renamed input.http_no_proxy to media.network.http_no_proxy
  * tightened no-proxy domain matching & added exact host match ('=' prefix)
  * assume that front ends can handle tabs (ffmpeg pp plugin help text)
  * fixed MMS/ASF chained stream bug
  * Shoutcast: fixed meta info handling
  * MMST: fixed incorrect command length
  * fixed end of stream detection with AVI files
  * added support for WMA Voice codec
  * added limited support for character entities to the XML parser
  * fixed support of icecast 2 server
  * fixed some memleaks related to DVD playback and MPEG PES
  * fixed PNG/MNG image distortion and incorrect colouring
  * fixed build on solaris and other platforms [bugs #1062987, #1114677 and
  * published documentation about Win32 platform
  * brand new DirectX audio output plugin for Windows
  * updated win32 MSVC port
  * used only ASCII characters for C locale
  * fixed cropping and zooming with vidix
  * fixed status reporting to honour IDLE status as documented
  * fixed aborts on DVB channel switching [bug #1090707]
  * updated vidix to 0.9.9
  * plugin description accessor functions (may load plugins)
  * fixed translations, they were not used in some cases
  * Win32 port updates: cross compilation of VCD, external ffmpeg with MSVC
  * fixed pthread leak
  * fixed onefield_xv deprecated deinterlace method
  * multiple slice-per-rows (HDTV) fixes in the libmpeg2 code, particularly 
    regarding VLD XvMC.
  * cleaned up hardware acceleration hooks in libmpeg2.
  * fixed X include path searching while configure detects XvMC support.
  * Experimental bob deinterlacing support in the xxmc module
  * improved plugin loader to allow plugin garbage collection and more
    flexible plugin linking
  * support for Windows Media Audio Lossless

xine-lib (1.0)
  * unbreak DXR3 plugin
  * fix crash in the AIFF demuxer on oversized chunks
  * fix crash in the sputext decoder when subtitles have too many lines
    [bug #1086775]
  * added support for OGG chained streams
  * fixed deadlock with ASF chained streams due to fifo buffer leak
  * DVB Subtitles: fixed flashing, repeating subs, fix sync & timeouts
  * DVB EPG: fixed incorrectly parsed running status, clear old epg data, cropped epg texts
  * updated included libdvdnav: more graceful handling of some error conditions;
    fixed playback of some strangely authored DVDs
  * fixed problem with first subtitle not showing when using separate subtitle files
  * fixed crash related to relative HTTP redirect URLs (implemented canonicalisation)
  * linking libXv dynamically, fixes breakage of Xv plugin

xine-lib (1-rc8)
  * Multiple security vulnerabilities fixed on PNM and Real RTSP clients
  * Rewrote OpenGL output plugin.
  * Fixed segfault when seeking with the "xvmc" and "xxmc" plugins playing 
    files with IDCT / mocomp XvMC acceleration. 
  * polypaudio sound server support
  * fixed playback of MMS streams with the new input cache layer [bug #1066926]
  * fixed builds without X11 [bug #1067705]
  * added support for 24-bit LPCM from DVDs [bug #843786]
  * Fixed segfault in xxmc plugin when switch from software decoding to 
    accelerated decoding occured while software surfaces still needed to be 
  * fixed plugin catalog cache (faster xine startup)
  * updated internal goom to 2k4-dev21; randomized and improved look of 
    initial effect (hopefully no more white screens any more)
  * DVB: Fixed pat parsing with fullfeatured cards.
  * DVB: Now uses auto-inversion if the frontend supports it - should solve many tuning
    problems for people with sat cards.  
  * DVB: Will now verify that channels.conf file is in correct (?zap) format.
  * fixed OSS mixer disabling itself after first playlist entry
  * improved overlay blending quality, fixed subtitles with XShm
  * improved support for transport streams
  * new plugin for DVB subtitles
  * support realplayer codecs on AMD64
  * fixed restoring xv settings on exit for some frontends
  * UTF-8 support for cddb (freedb) client
  * identify AAC, MPEG4 and H264 on transport streams
  * build fixes and improvements (not using mkinstalldirs, mingw32)
  * fixed mmst and mmsh issues with the cache plugin
  * fixed mmsh "RESET" chunk handling
  * implemented winamp.com "streaming" protocol
  * meta info (title, artist, etc) returned by the xine-lib is now UTF8
xine-lib (1-rc7)
  * Build system improvements: replacement functions, better work with headers
  * Set the codec name for Real Media even if we can't play the files
  * Fix win32 playback on recent versions of Linux
  * Added cropping capability to some video_out drivers (Xv, XvMC, vidix).
    automatic software cropping is provided for drivers not supporting it.
  * Fixed displaying of mpeg2 files where width/height is not a multiple of 16
    (these files required cropping after decoding)
  * Fix crashes with some input plugins when no audio output was available
  * Windows ports updates and cleanups
  * new xxmc driver supporting XvMC with extended vld (for VIA CLE266), 
    idct and mocomp accelerations. includes automatic Xv fallback for 
    non-mpeg streams. supports overlays and OSD.
  * suggested using the libXvMCW so xine won't depend on any vendor
    specific library. you can get the old behaviour (not recommended)
    using ./configure --with-xvmc-lib=XvMCNVIDIA. 
    The wrapper library libXvMCW is present in Xorg CVS or downloadable 
    standalone from http://sourceforge.net/projects/unichrome. 
    It will dlopen a hardware-specific XvMC library at runtime. 
  * Some fixes for crashes when trying to play encrypted DVDs without libdvdcss
  * DXR3: fixed some rare audio dropouts
  * DXR3: fixed forced subtitle handling; this fixes missing subtitles in
    "The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers"
  * fixed wrong subtitle appearing in the trailer of "Girl, Interrupted" RC2
  * fixed "NAV packet expected, but none found" error when toggling between
    menu and feature with the Escape key [bug #1025469]
  * video image scaling can now be disabled for more video output plugins
    than XShm [feature requests #987635, #856408]
  * Updated the xxmc driver with a better software fallback mechanism
  * Fixed playback of OpenDML streams generated by mencoder
  * Fixed playback of incomplete OpenDML streams
  * Fixed crash when xine_stop is called and the stream is ending
  * Fixed crash when the video_out loop still references a disposed stream
  * Make amp work with 8-bit sounds
  * Simple libsmbclient (samba) input plugin
  * improved DVB plugin with support for A52, subtitles, and
    EIT (electronic program guide).
  * new request optimizer (cache) layer for input plugins to avoid the
    overhead of expensive system calls for reading just a couple of
    bytes. may be disabled with MRL parameter "#nocache".
  * use monotonic clock where available (eg. linux 2.6) so system clock
    updates won't disturb xine playback. [bug #781532]
  * fixed seeking unresponsiveness when using external subtitles
  * Allowed multiple simultaneous thread access in parts of the xxmc driver, 
    assuming that XvMC libraries are thread-safe.
xine-lib (1-rc6)
  * Moved win32 frontend into separate module.
  * Fixed Xv initialization to enable multiple instances of the Xv plugin
  * Removed XInitThreads() call from some video out plugins because it
    might lead to undefined behaviour. Calling XInitThreads() is entirely
    the frontend's job.
  * Included goom2k4-dev18 support
  * Made sure the streams are played till their very end
  * Support implemented for Annodex files
  * VobSub-in-Matroska support added.
  * Enable support for guessing and using Windows encoding as
    default for external subtitles.
  * Added quality improvements for full frame rate deinterlacing modes
  * Added support for 44100Hz DTS in .wav files.
  * Added ability to Restore initial xv port attributes on exit
    [bugs #965572, #957599]
  * Fixed brightness drift problem (loss of color) [bugs #947520, #963587]
  * Fixed rare heap overflow with some DVD subpictures [bug #923843]
  * Fixed stack overflows in the VCD plugin
  * Added experimental time stretching plugin: play stream faster or 
    slower than original speed, optionally preserving pitch
  * Fixed another win32 dll crash (after playing several files)
  * Added configure option for building xine with external ffmpeg library
  * Added api for finer playback speed control (requires frontend support)
  * Added support for QuickTime 6.3 DLLs
  * Improved response time on video grabber ports
  * Added support for mp3 audio in mp4 files
  * Added support for using utf-8 for matroska subtitles
  * next stage of MINGW port - engine library compiles now
  * Improved DVD MRL handling.
  * Improved Transport stream handling.
  * Fixed wrong, very bright overlays on some DVDs [bug #1018193]
  * Fixed WIN32 replacement of gettimeofday [bug #995961]
  * Removed unistd.h from public header
  * Added experimental support for H.264/AVC video
  * Added support for 3ivx video

xine-lib (1-rc5)  
  * add support for ejecting removable media on Solaris
  * fix stuttering playback of some realmedia streams
  * fix end of stream handling in the http plugin
  * add support for 24bit and 32bit Float for audio.
  * add support for upmixing. Currently only stereo -> Surround 5.1
  * Software decode for DTS audio updated for Surround 5.1 output.
  * fixed compilation of libmad on AMD64
  * fixed double-free in the yuv decoder (fixes crashes when switching
    away from v4l:/ MRLs)
  * removed -funroll-all-loops from SPARC and PPC targets as it negatively
    affected performance
  * priority support for demuxer and input plugins
  * smoother seeking
  * fix seeking with the qt dll decoder
  * support AAC audio in AVI
  * slow down CD drive during CD audio playback to reduce noise
  * fix some crashes disposing win32 codecs
  * fix reception of the last bytes in a http connection
    (fixes parsing of reference/playlist files using http, eg .ram)
  * fix time displaying for flac files
  * fix playback of some broken ASF streams
  * DXR3: fix crash after playing non-MPEG content
  * add support for XVR-100 (Radeon-based) framebuffers to video_out_pgx64
  * support DTS audio in AVI
  * revised FLAC playback subsystem
  * subtitles improvements - word wrap and new subtitle format variants
  * native MacOSX video and audio output plugins
  * DXR3: fix slight shaking in lower third of the image on TV out
    with some MPEG material
  * fix falling back from multi-buffering in video_out_pgx64
  * fix DVD playback from a specified title/part with
    dvd:/<title>.<part> MRLs

xine-lib (1-rc4a)
  * audio out now uses a more user friendly "Speaker arrangement" config item;
    this defaults to stereo, so if you use a different speaker arragement, like
    5.1 or other surround setups, you have to reconfigure xine using this item
  * fix possible crash in CDDB queries
  * work around the gnome-vfs sftp: method having a max read size of 256k,
    makes it possible to play AVIs over sftp:
  * added documentation for the post plugin system to the hackersguide
  * add support for decoding On2 VP5 and VP6 using Windows dlls
  * fix bugs with the colorkey overlay support introduced in rc4. under certain
    circunstances, parts of the images were not shown.
  * enable colorkey overlays for more cards using XVideo and vidix drivers.
  * make it possible for the CDDA plugin to give away Musicbrainz CD Index ID
  * several DVB improvements. add dvbs://, dvbc:// and dvbt:// mrls
  * fix static noise produced by WMA streams in some systems

xine-lib (1-rc4)
  * experimental DTS software decoder using libdts
  * SPU decoder: timestamp handling for NAV packets fixes the menu on the first
    DVD of "24" season 1
  * improved precision in metronom's audio timestamp calculation fixes some
    sync problems, especially in long-running applications
  * fix playing mpeg vob files with LPCM
  * correct field order when deinterlacing bottom-field-first streams
  * fix network cdda playback
  * fix channel swapping in wave demuxer (lpcm)
  * colorkey support for drawing OSD (XVideo only - fix some flickering)
  * avoid possible segfaults in cdda
  * libvcd updated to 0.7.20
  * libcdio updated to 0.68
  * libmad updated to 0.15.1b
  * build improvements - different source and build directory, translations
  * avoid deadlock with raw AC3 streams and visualization
  * fix 24 bpp RGB output - may affect some users of xshm and fb
  * generate events for "Permission denied" and "File not found" in the
    http and file plugins
  * DXR3: fix menu highlight areas in letterboxed overlay mode with 
    pan&scan content
  * DXR3: fix libavcodec encoder for frame widths not a multiple of 16
  * mediaLib now used for bilinear scaling
  * video_out_pgx32: properly clips video output
  * video_out_pgx64: fixed displaying frames out of order when multi-buffering,
    automatically manages overlay mode based on degree of occlusion.
  * DXR3: option to use Pan & Scan information embedded in MPEG and DVB streams
  * disable AUD content detection because of false positives
  * fix Real pnm/rtsp streaming on big endian platforms
  * big endian fix, and delay fixes for the file (wave) audio output plugin
  * RTSP security fixes
  * mmst big cleanup and fixes
  * asf codec initialization fix
  * engine improvement to handle unknown frame rate correctly
  * all config entries have help strings now
  * seeking support for matroska files
  * libmpeg2 now has native VIS motion compensation routines on SPARC

xine-lib (1-rc3c)
  * fix the deadlock with non-seekable input plugins
  * guess codeset for OSD if nl_langinfo(CODESET) is missing or not working
  * new option - list of domains, where don't use proxy
  * fix possible crashes in front-ends that create and delete streams
  * send a message to the front-end when the audio device is busy
  * revert changes to the DVD plugin that made it impossible to play mounted
  * use xine network functions in CDDB lookups, fix connection timeout
  * preparing for future MinGW port
  * improved network buffer management policy.
  * asf/mmst/mmsh proper support for "media changing" command.
  * improve playback with separate subtitles, fix the seeking and a deadlock
  * DVD still menus fixed that were broken in rc3b
  * deadlocks with network buffer control fixed
  * DXR3's letterboxed overlay mode works with pan&scan material
  * DXR3: timestamp handling for NAV packets fixes the menu on the first
    DVD of "24" season 1
  * fixed audio sync method "resampling"

xine-lib (1-rc3b)
  * fix SDL plugin that was broken in rc3
  * updated libfaad 2.0 RC3 cvs (fix some raw aac problems, HE support)
  * Win32 Cygwin updates, using DirectX
  * new demuxer for Interchange File Format (IFF) supporting IFF-8SVX, IFF-16SV,
    IFF-ILBM, and IFF-ANIM (limited to opt5, opt7 and opt8 at the moment)
  * fixed problem with jumpy visualization especially on ogg files
  * dxr3: fix situation, where the initial menu on some DVDs would have
    the wrong aspect
  * major refinement of post plugin architecture fixes a lot of races
  * fix runtime audio channel selection, specially for ogg/ogm streams
  * preliminary matroska support
  * support for AAC audio in RealMedia files
  * implement chapter skipping in ogm files
  * more RTP/UDP plugin fixes
  * secure http status string parsing, use status in mmsh again
  * fix endianness problem in OSD texts (using UCS-2LE or UCS-2BE encoding)
  * raw AAC fixes and support for 5.1 AAC streams
  * AVI demuxer OpenDML (AVI2.0) support
  * fix unscaled OSD for Kaffeine
  * Sierra VMD file demuxer
  * new ffmpeg decoders activated:
    * Sierra VMD audio and video
    * Duck TrueMotion v1 (DUCK)
    * Planar RGB (8BPS)
    * Lossless Codecs (MSZH & ZLIB)
    * ASV v1/v2
    * ATI VCR1
    * Real Video 2.0
    * Sierra VMD
    * Flash Video
  * new MOD demuxer
  * new, safer method for on-the-fly rewiring of post plugins
  * add iso-8859-9 and iso-8859-15 codepages into xine fonts
  * work around freezing with arts on BSD
  * documentation about xine fonts
  * make the protocol in MMS configurable - TCP, HTTP or autoprobe
  * added video output plugin for Sun PGX32 framebuffers
  * new video out plugin using CACA - Colored ASCII Art
  * fix a crash when using the gnome-vfs plugin with newer gnome-vfs versions
  * new "file" (wave) audio out plugin
    example: XINE_WAVE_OUTPUT=/tmp/file.wav xine -A file music.mp3
  * autoscan devices /dev/dsp* and /dev/sound/dsp* in OSS audio plugin
  * fix jittering problem with the xshm output plugin
  * fix a playback problem with some mp3 with id3v2 tags
  * asf demuxer fixes
  * new Flash Video (FLV) demuxer
  * option to pass an interface name in RTP MRLs
  * sync to latest libdvdnav fixes some menu problems and tries
    to continue playback in case of errors
  * ignore the hue setting on NVidia cards using the Xv video output
    as both the XFree86 and the proprietary driver are broken
  * fix long standing problem with xine using alsa's dmix audio out.
    Sound is now continuous.
  * fix playback of ogg/ogm files larger than 2GB

xine-lib (1-rc3a)
  * new subtitle formats: jacobsub, subviewer 2.0, subrip 0.9
  * auto hiding of the subtitles
  * raw AAC file demuxer
  * fix starvation problem with kernel 2.6 NPTL
  * not overwrite the files by saving plugin
  * deinterlace fixes (detect mpeg1 as progressive and correct handling
    of top_field_first)
  * ogg/ogm demuxer fixes for big endian machines
  * update win32 port, working ffmpeg decode plugin
  * fixed segfault when running in verbose mode
xine-lib (1-rc3)
  * fix dvd menu blending when using tvtime plugin (yuy2 blend)
  * fix problems with some more elaborate post plugin setups
  * discontinuity problems in audio only streams fixed
  * fix a bug in the id3v2.2 parsing code
  * fix best streams choice in mmsh
  * updated internal copy of ffmpeg with a lot of warning fixes
  * help texts for video post plugins
  * fix pts handling bug that caused long freezing in some animated dvd menus
  * configfile beautification (values set to default are now commented out)
  * fix some more problems with jumpy non-MPEG NTSC streams on the DXR3
  * handle comments in rpm playlist files
  * realaudio demuxer improvements including support for 14.4 codec and reading
    meta info
  * post plugin for ffmpeg libpostprocess (pp)
  * updated win32 MSVC port
  * default to menu button 1, if an invalid button is set
    (fixes main menu of "Alice in Wonderland" RC2)
  * fix yuy2 output on mga_vid vidix driver
  * fix syncing code of audio visualization post plugins
    (goom video does not jump any more)
  * problem with long frame durations fixed
  * seek timeout in RIP input plugin
  * support for saved files bigger than 2 GB
  * new unscaled overlay feature (using XShape extension)
    text subtitles may now be rendered at full screen resolution
  * load xine fonts on demand - faster startup
  * decoder priority can be changed without restarting
  * fix length of mpeg 2 audio vbr streams
  * use AUDIODEV enviroment variable on Sun
  * text subtitles improvements and bugfixes
  * unified handling of external subtitles and ogg subtitles
  * detect end of real rtsp streams
  * fix tvtime segfaults
  * fix performance problems of RTP/UDP plugin
  * fix crash with really long subtitle/language names in ogm/off files
  * lots of internal cleanup
  * fix crash when using the save plugin with mmst
  * id3v2.3 parser
  * fix playback of 8 bit sound when the soundcard doesn't support them

xine-lib (1-rc2)
  * XvMC support for hardware accelerated mpeg2 playback (-V xvmc)
  * Fix some errors in sound state when exiting xine and using alsa.
  * new tvtime/deinterlacer algorithm scalerbob
  * new tvtime/deinterlacer option "cheap mode": skips format conversion.
    (uses less cpu but it's not 100% accurate)
  * encoding of URL with multibyte characters in MMS
  * fix ssa subtitle handling
  * don't find out id3 info in mp3 files saved from non-seekable inputs
  * handle filenames containing # or % more nicely
  * net buffer controler cleanup and fixes
  * mms command 0x20 support, bugfixes
  * concatenated asf streams support
  * fix performance issue with wav demuxer and compressed data
  * fix mpeg 2 audio frame parsing (mpeg_audio demuxer)
  * fix segmentation fault in mms when iconv_open fails
  * allow lazy loading of Sun mediaLib (configure --enable-mlib-lazyload)
  * clugged security hole in RIP input plugin - all saved data are 
    stored into one dir now, default save directory is empty what means 
    disable saving (problem reported by Michiel Toneman, many thanks)
  * the former VCDX plugin is now the default VCD plugin which opens up
    a world of new features for VCD users (the old plugin is still
    available as VCDO)
  * documentation (xine hacker's guide) has undergone a major update

xine-lib (1-rc1)
  * fix incorrect colours when blending frame with a big-endian RGB pixel format
  * add support for chroma keyed overlay graphics to video_out_pgx64
  * add support for double and multi-buffering to video_out_pgx64
  * libdvdnav: fix some undetected stills (fixes "Red Dragon" RC2 scene selection)
  * video output plugin for libstk
  * bugfix: detection of external subtitle formats
  * support for arbitrary aspect ratios
  * DVD menu button group handling in spu decoders (software and dxr3)
    (fixes wrong initial menu highlights on "Star Trek 3" SE RC2 for the dxr3)
  * get the correct duration and bitrate for MP3s with Xing headers (VBR)
  * fix alignment check in configure (fixes weird colours with MPEG2 on PPC)
  * improved expand plugin (increased performance, allow subtitle shifting)
  * support saving streams to local files.
    example: xine stream_mrl#save:file.raw
  * MPEG demuxer fixes (support VLC streams)
  * simple VCR functionality added to DVB input plugin
    just press MENU2 (that is for example F2 in gxine) to start/stop recording
  * display channel number and name in DVB mode
  * first steps towards AMD64 support (thanks to Adrian Schroeter of SuSE)
  * Add support for 4.1 and 5 channel speaker setups.
  * Allow a52 passthru to be switchied on and off without having to exit xine.
    One has to stop playing, and then restart playing for it to activate.
  * Fix .mp3 content detection for .mp3 files with a header or ID3.
  * Fix detection of mpeg1/mpeg2 in demux_mpeg_pes.
  * Fix long standing problem with alsa not working on some audio cards
    when using 6 analogue channels for output.
  * Fix bug in playing A52 .wav files via SPDIF passthrough.
  * Improve demux of transport streams with PMT stream IDs > 0x80.
  * fix aspect ratio of MPEG1 streams
  * Add support for TITLE= and CHAPTER*= comment in ogm files
  * fix deadlock/freeze problems in audio output thread
  * Don't add the data track to the autoplay list for Audio CDs (Linux)
  * dxr3: fix stuttering playback of some non-MPEG content
  * fix playback of AVIs with mp3 VBR
  * fix some asf demuxer bugs
    seq number handling (helps a lot with mms live video streams)
    frame duration bug with "still" frames
  * Add support for some A52 streams into demux_mpeg_pes.
    Used by PRO7 digital tv channel.
  * fix colors of YUY2 overlay blending
  * new fftgraph viz plugin
  * updated goom support
  * better multibyte string support in OSD and external subtitles
  * fix crasher in CDDA plugin
  * nvtv tvmode support removed from xine-lib. it is better suited in the
    frontends where it should be replaced with the new libnvtvsimple.
  * fix mp3 VBR length and pts computation
  * initial id3v2 support (id3v2.3 and id3v2.4 are not yet supported)
  * Fix blocking on xine start when using alsa.

xine-lib (1-rc0a)
  * includes ffmpeg's MPEG encode in dist tarball (fixes DXR3 support)
  * don't abort on MPEG_block stream errors

xine-lib (1-rc0)
  * improved seeking accuracy of ogg_demuxer 
  * xine broadcaster (send stream to multiple xine clients simultaneously)
    start master with 'xine --broadcast-port xxxx'
    start slaves with 'xine slave://master_address:xxxx'
  * nvtv updates and fixes
  * Nullsoft Video (.nsv) file demuxer
  * 4X Technologies (.4xm) file demuxer
  * libdvdnav: fix some situations where an unlucky user could trigger assertions
  * decoder priority handling: configuring a priority of 0 means "use default"
    users are advised to set all decoder priorities to 0 in their config files
  * dvd:<path> and dvd:<device> MRLs now work when a DVD is in the drive to
    which the raw device setting points to (libdvdcss tried to access the raw device)
  * fix dxr3 sync problems after seeking
  * fix potential playback problems for MPEG files with rare framerates
    (23.976, 59.94 and 60 fps)
  * move http proxy configuration to xine itself
  * add expand post video filter for displaying subtitles in borders
  * speex (http://www.speex.org) audio decoder support
  * dxr3: libavcodec from xine's ffmpeg plugin can now be used for MPEG reencoding
    (so reencoding is now possible without installing any additional libraries)
  * add support for seeking in real media files
  * improved support for real video codecs
  * new deinterlacer (tvtime) plugin with more algorithms, full framerate output, 
    2-3 pulldown detection, judder correction, chroma upsampling error free,
    works with all video drivers. warning: cpu intensive :)
  * some post plugins ported from mplayer: boxblur, denoise3d, eq, eq2, unsharp
  * big improvement of v4l input and associated demuxer. Including 
    sound capture using alsa and a/v sync. Now radio is supported as well.
  * dxr3: using decoder timestamps will hopefully fix some last sync problems
  * (hopefully) fix crashes with win32 Quicktime DLLs
  * improve seeking in asf and avi files
  * fix seeking to near the end of avi files
  * fix handling of exotic a/v RIFF chunks (00iv, 0031, ...) in avi files
  * libdvdnav: fix LinkNextC assertion failure
    (fixes LotR-SEE bonus disc image gallery)

xine-lib (1-beta12)
  * enabled SVQ3 video decoding via ffmpeg
  * playback of theorastreams added
  * updated nvtv support, and bug fixes
  * ac3 pcm-audiotype .wav files now supported via software decode.
    Passthru not implemented yet due to lack of re-sync code in liba52 passthru mode.
  * playback of cd/dvd over the network (see README.network_dvd)
  * use variable block program stream demuxer for mpeg2 files
  * cdda improvements (error handling, device on mrl)
  * input_pvr (ivtv) updates
  * demux_mpeg_block improved to cure problems with VCDs and bogus encrypted messages.
xine-lib (1-beta11)
  * fix bugs in selecting ogm subtitles
  * fix multiple lines subtitles' display in OGM container
  * fix fastforward bug (slow playback with unused cpu cicles)
  * fix input_net (tcp) seeking
  * network input plugins do not freeze when no data is available
  * fix seeking in ogg files
  * fix av/desync in ogmfiles
  * fix ac3 in ogm support
  * no more xshm completion events
  * performance improvements (enabled ffmpeg direct rendering)
  * faster seeking
  * simple 10-band equalizer
  * fix scaling of video with a pixel aspect ratio not equal to one
  * mms protocols (mmst + mmsh ) bugfixes
  * new input plugin api
  * Quicktime fixes (now all Matrix: Reloaded teasers and trailers play)
  * fix playback of video files created by Canon digital cameras

xine-lib (1-beta10)
  * loading and displaying png images (e.g. for logos)
  * capability of on-the-fly stream rewiring
  * libdvdnav: PGC based positioning:
    seeking on DVDs now spans the entire feature
  * font encoding cleanup (xinefonts use unicode now)
  * freetype2 support for OSD
  * ffmpeg sync (build 4663). WMV8 decoder enabled.
  * much more accurate time display with DVDs
  * xine health check fixes for non-mtrr machines
  * fixes for high-bandwidth RV30 streams
  * fix for vplayer format subtitles
  * fix for distorted display of some DVD menus
  * DVD title/part MRLs (dvd:/<title>.<part>) work much more reliable
  * OGM subtitles support
  * network controler improvements
  * generic error reporting mechanism using events
  * DVD: report the current menu type
  * DVD: menu calls ("Escape" in xine-ui) can now jump back from the
    menu into the movie as well
xine-lib (1-beta9)
  * implement XINE_PARAM_AUDIO_AMP_LEVEL so xine's volume can be
    set independantly from other applications
  * mpeg-4 postprocessing support added to ffmpeg video decoder
  * support HTTP redirections
  * fix mpgaudio demuxer to not try to falsely handle AVI files
  * fix mpeg demuxer to work with chunks bigger than xine's buffers
  * fix libmpeg2 to not wait endlessly for I/P frames,
    fix MPEG artifacts on seek
  * fix the MP3 by content detection for some streams
  * fix segfault with non-multiple of 16 height video and XShm
  * fix BAD STATE error on seek with ALSA audio driver
  * fix artefacts when playing certain DivX video streams on i386
  * libavcodec divx/xvid qpel bug workaround ported from ffmpeg cvs
  * libdvdnav: method to try-run VM operations,
    now used for safer chapter skipping and menu jumps
  * libdvdnav: do not rely on a 1:1 mapping between PTTs and PGs
  * libdvdnav: do not rely on PGs to be physically layed out in sequence

xine-lib (1-beta8)
  * fix DVD highlight problems
xine-lib (1-beta7)
  * libdvdnav updated to 0.1.6cvs: fixes a whole class of problems caused
    by dvdnav being a bit ahead in the stream due to xine's fifos
  * libdvdread updated to 0.9.4
  * streaming of avi files (e.g. via http)
  * experimental TiVo-like functionality using WinTV-PVR cards (pvr plugin)
  * rtp input updated to latest API, and rewritten to handle arbitrary
    packet sizes, and both real RTP packets and a stream sent as raw UDP
    packets (common in IP-TV).  RTP packet parsing not tested, and does
    not handle sequence counter.  There's also a deadlock in many demuxers
    when trying to stop during a network timeout, xine has to be SIGKILLED
    in this case.
  * dvaudio support
  * stdin plugin fix (pause engine when there is no data available)
  * .rm file reference handling bugfxi
  * mute console output unless XINE_PARAM_VERBOSE is set
xine-lib (1-beta6)
  * inform the width and height for the v4l input plugin
  * ffmpeg aspect ratio detection code fixed
  * demux_ogg arm patch by dilb
  * memleak fixes by ewald snel
  * plugin loader segfault fix
  * fb configure check fixed
xine-lib (1-beta5)
  * new AV sync strategy (audio resample) for DXR3 users
  * improved fb driver with zero copy
  * fix the v4l plugin for lower resolution devices (webcam)
  * nvtv bugfixes
  * network code bugfixes (again long wait for some streams)
  * fix flac content detection (caused trouble to other demuxers)
  * OSS driver fixes (for cards using GETOPTR sync method)
  * fixed gnome-vfs plugin to be used for remote locations (other than http)
  * at least for DVD input, the language reporting is now channel-aware
  * CD-ROM/XA ADPCM decoder
  * QT demuxer fixes to select among multiple A/V traks and support 
    non- and poorly-interleaved files 
  * support for the css title key cache in the latest versions of a well
    known css decryption library
  * allow to crop the dxr3 overlay area to help users who see green lines
    at the top or bottom of the dxr3 overlay image
  * fixed discontinuity detection bug in MPEG block demuxer
    (this might fix occasional - or, in case of "Dances with Wolves" RC2,
    enduring - audio stutters in DVD playback)
  * win32 loader bugfixes (most notably indeo, quicktime and wmv9)
  * FFT post plugin improvements
  * 'Qclp' Qualcomm PureVoice audio decoing via Quicktime DLL
  * libdvdnav updated to 0.1.5: miscellaneous fixes
  * HuffYUV video decoding via ffmpeg
  * vidixfb vo driver for vidix overlay on linux frame buffer
  * video processing api race condition fixes and other updates
  * make number of video buffer configurable by the user
    (performance tuning option)

xine-lib (1-beta4)
  * http input fixes
  * rtsp input fixes (remove long wait on end of stream)
  * build fixes
  * support for reference streams (.asx, .ram)

xine-lib (1-beta3)
  * PSX STR file demuxer
  * Westwood Studios AUD demuxer
  * PVA file demuxer
  * VOX file demuxer
  * NSF file demuxer
  * raw AC3 file demuxer
  * Goom plugin updated and acceleration added (mmx/ppc)
  * live rawdv playback (from device)
  * plugin loader improvements
  * basic oscilloscope post plugin
  * basic Fast Fourier Transform post plugin
  * CD digital audio input source and stream demuxer
  * Dialogic ADPCM audio decoder
  * reporting of unhandled codecs
  * NSF audio decoding via Nosefart
  * DVB plugin updated to new DVB API, DVB-C and DVB-T support
  * gnome-vfs input plugin added
  * external subtitles support. use either MRL syntax like 
    "test.mpg#subtitle:file.sub" or the frontend option.
  * updated VIDIX driver (image controls supported)
  * "mms over http" streaming protocol support
  * experimental v4l input plugin (analogue tv)
  * FLAC support (demuxer/decoder)
  * fixed yuy2 overlays on big-endian systems
  * experimental tvout support using nvtvd (configure --enable-nvtv)
xine-lib (1-beta2)
  * what a GOOM! post plugin
  * Digital TV (DVB) input plugin (experimental)
  * Interplay MVE playback system (file demuxer, video decoder, audio decoder)
  * support for real video 4.0 (through external real binary plugins)
  * quicktime binary-only codec support bugfixes
xine-lib (1-beta1)
  * updated libfaad
  * improved engine for seeking and slider positioning
  * network input plugin is working again
  * handle avi files produced by dvgrab
  * real media demuxer should handle most files now 
  * real media rv20/rv30 video and cook/sipro/dnet audio should work 
    (except dnet x86 only)
  * real media rtsp protocol streaming support
  * mms input plugin cleanup/bugfixes/improvements
  * syncfb and sdl vo plugins ported
  * quicktime binary-only codec support (highly experimental)
  * dmo wmv9 binary codec support
  * MNG demuxer added
  * raw dv demuxer added
  * many FLI/FLC fixes
xine-lib (1-beta0)
  * fix decoder priority configuration
  * cache available plugins for faster xine loading
  * metronom's improvements for streams with slightly wrong sample rates
  * fix case were XV driver would segfault (YUY2)
  * first xine post effect plugin
  * new version of internal libdvdread fixing some DVD problems
  * longstanding dxr3 bug fixed: for some still menus the highlight did not move
  * asf demuxer fixes
  * fb video output plugin ported to new architecture
  * MPEG-4 file (*.mp4) support
  * closed caption support ported to new architecture
xine-lib (1-alpha2)
  * configurable image position
  * DVD menu button highlight position fixes
  * internal engine changes to allow a new layer of post effect plugins
  * VCD playback fixed (actually it was a bug in the real demuxer)
  * pnm input plugin (old real network protocol)
  * real demuxer fixes
  * use binary real codecs to decode rv20/30 video, sipro/cook audio
  * arts audio output plugin ported to new architecture
  * esound audio output plugin ported to new architecture
xine-lib (1-alpha1) 
  * transport stream demuxer fixes
  * DVD playback should be working again (please report DVDs that don't play!)
  * stdin_fifo input plugin
  * vcd input plugin  
  * native Windows Media Audio (a.k.a. WMA, DivX audio) decoding via ffmpeg
  * XviD decoder is working again
  * DV decoder (ffmpeg)

xine-lib (1-alpha0) 

  * dvd plugin replaced by dvdnav with full menu support
  * fix segfault on exit for w32codecs
  * fix yuy2 on xshm bug (affects w32codecs and msvc)
  * reimplemented x/y zoom
  * Wing Commander III MVE movie file demuxer
  * Creative Voice (VOC) file demuxer
  * Westwood Studios VQA file demuxer
  * AIFF file demuxer
  * Sun/NeXT SND/AU file demuxer
  * YUV4MPEG2 file demuxer
  * RealMedia & RealAudio file demuxers
  * Electronic Arts WVE file demuxer
  * Id CIN video decoder
  * QT RLE video decoder
  * QT SMC video decoder
  * QT RPZA video decoder
  * Wing Commander III video decoder
  * Logarithmic PCM (mu-law & A-law) audio decoder
  * GSM 6.10 audio decoder
  * Electronic Arts ADPCM audio decoder
  * time-based seeking in ogg-streams
  * improved support for ogg-streams containing video (so-called ogm streams)
  * spu encoding for full overlay support with dxr3
  * icecast/shoutcast support
  * dvd raw device support
  * decode id3v1 tags in mp3 files 
  * updated internal liba52 to version 0.7.4
  * numeric selection of dvd menu buttons (could make some dvd easter eggs accesible)
  * big api cleanup
  * xine engine can open more than one stream at a time
  * audio compressor filter
  * content detection fixes (e.g. mpeg program streams)
  * much improved plugin loader, makes it possible to have several
    versions of libxine installed in parallel
  * file:// mrl use an uri-like syntax now, %xx-encoded chars are handled,
    '?' is used to separate subtitle files
  * incorporated pgx64[fb] plugin
  * improved support for invalid mpeg streams
  * some metronom changes hopefully improving some last glitches in dvd playback
  * URI conforming MRL syntax, new delimiter # for various stream parameters
  * variuos fixes for dxr3 overlay mode
xine-lib (0.9.13) unstable; urgency=low

  * improved audio resampling for cards limited to 16 bits, stereo or mono
  * native wmv7 decoder using ffmpeg
  * enable ffmpeg's native msmpeg4 v1/v2 decoder
  * correct highlight placement for anamorphic and pan&scan menus with DXR3
  * half-way support for widescreen tv sets with DXR3
  * WAV file demuxer
  * SMJPEG file demuxer
  * Id CIN file demuxer
  * FLI file demuxer
  * FLI video decoder
  * Raw RGB video support
  * Raw YUV video support
  * Microsoft RLE decoder
  * AAC decoder (FAAD2 library)
  * Reworked ALSA audio support 
  * demux_qt improvements to handle .mp4
  * initial support of Quicktime6 files
  * image redraw in paused mode (for window resize, adjusts etc)
  * skip by chapters GUI enhancement
  * deliver frame statistics only if frames have been skipped/dropped

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>  Sat,  3 Aug 2002 22:44:16 +0200

xine-lib (0.9.12) unstable; urgency=low

  * demux_ts fixes for ATSC streams
  * configurable size of avi subtitles
  * fixed bug in libsputext that caused subtitle flashing
  * update win32 codec loading code
  * use directshow filter to decode msmpeg4 v1/v2
  * fixed logo file name extension
  * fixed german i18n files

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net>

xine-lib (0.9.11) unstable; urgency=low
  * sync with ffmpeg cvs
  * some endianess and 64bit machine fixes
  * better quality using linearblend filter
  * new FILM (CPK) demuxer
  * new RoQ demuxer
  * RoQ video decoder
  * RoQ audio decoder
  * new SVQ1 decoder
  * new QuickTime demuxer
  * DXR3 overlay mode fixed
  * DXR3 support for libfame 0.8.10 and above
  * fixes for transport streams demuxer
  * VIDIX video out driver (experimental)
  * TV fullscreen support using nvtvd
  * better support for gcc 3.1 (libmpeg2)
  * assorted open source ADPCM audio decoders
  * support setting config options using "opt:" pseudo MRLs

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net>
xine (0.9.10) unstable; urgency=low

  * fixed snapshot: capture current frame with overlays
  * AVI progressive index reconstruction
  * demuxers seeking cleanup and fixes
  * "streaming" AVI support (plays growing files)
  * handle AVIs bigger than 2GB
  * new resizing behaviour for xine-ui: user may choose if stream
    size changes should update video window size.
  * fix VCD playback
  * libmad updated to 0.14.2b and optimized for speed 
  * cinepak video decoder (native)
  * libwin32 compilation fixes
  * dxr3 compilation fixes
  * SyncFB video-out (brightness/contrast control is back, updated doc, ...)
  * new spec files for rpm package generation (xine-ui and xine-lib)
  * SDL video out driver (experimental)
  * XVidMode support fixed

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net> 

xine (0.9.9) unstable; urgency=low
  * new (fast) demuxer seeking
  * libdivx4 updated to support divx5
  * several memory leak fixes
  * sound card clock drift correction
  * reworked video driver api
  * new deinterlace method (linear blend)
  * win32 dll stability fixes
  * updated ffmpeg (with divx5 support)
  * updated mpeg2dec (0.2.1)
  * new metronom code and discontinuity handling
  * logo moved to xine-lib
  * improved still frame detection and video_out code 
  * several dxr3 fixes
  * avi multiple audio stream support
  * font encoding support for avi subtitles
  * avi subtitles can be turned off
  * mms streaming plugin
  * better playing support for ffmpeg/win32 codecs on slow machines
  * using "%" instead of ":" as subtitle file seperator
  * xvid (http://www.xvid.org) codec support
  * use of $CFLAGS instead of $GLOBAL_CFLAGS 

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net> Sat Apr 20 20:32:33 CEST 2002

xine (0.9.8) unstable; urgency=low

  * Linux framebuffer video out driver (experimental)
  * several bugfixes
  * still frame detection
  * closed caption decoding
  * ffmpeg updated to cvs version
  * metronom bugfixes
  * better looking OSD fonts
  * fix audio pause on discontinuities
  * merged dxr3 and dxr3enc drivers into single dxr3 driver. See README.dxr3 
  * dxr3 encoding support for librte-0.4 besides the traditional libfame.
  * support for (live) mpg streams via tcp
  * two new skins

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net> Sun Jan 13 16:15:07 CET 2002

xine (0.9.7) unstable; urgency=low

  * fix some win32 dll segfaults
  * seamless branching on input_dvd
  * fix no audio deadlock
  * OSD (On Screen Display) for rendering text and graphics into overlays
  * reworked spu and overlay manager (multiple overlays supported)
  * support for avi text subtitles (use something like xine stream.avi:foo.sub)
  * altivec support

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net> Tue Nov 27 01:20:06 CET 2001

xine (0.9.6) unstable; urgency=low

  * demux_asf big fragments handling
  * working setup dialog (experimental)
  * dxr3 bugfixes
  * sun audio interface version fixed
  * fix segfault with -A null
  * add support for quicktime streams without audio
  * audio plugin interface fix

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net> Tue Nov 27 01:20:06 CET 2001

xine (0.9.5) unstable; urgency=low

  * improved responsiveness (pause, stop, resume, seek)
  * catch segfaults when loading plugins
  * test OS support for SSE instructions
  * new win32 codecs supported (including Windows Media Video 7/8)
  * libwin32dll bugfixes and DirectShow support
  * demux_asf reworked to handle asf oddities
  * input_http bugfixes, proxy, auth and proxy-auth support
  * snapshots of YUY2 images should work now
  * SyncFB video out plugin: bug fixes, YUY2 support and several enhancements
  * dxr3 overlay<->tv & TV mode switching on-the-fly (see README.dxr3)
  * new config file handling (.xinerc is gone, .xine/config is the replacement)
  * setup dialog preview
  * new metronom code for smoother playback of streams containing broken pts
  * xinerama patch by George Staikos <staikos@0wned.org>

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net> Fri Nov 23 14:10:26 CET 2001

xine (0.9.4) unstable; urgency=low

  * new SyncFB video out plugin (see README.syncfb)
  * catch SIGSEGV during libdivxdecore version probing. see README.divx4.
  * audio_force_rate .xinerc option

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net> Sun Nov  4 23:43:55 CET 2001

xine (0.9.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * XShm gamma adjusting (brightness)
  * bugfix: lot skipped frames and low cpu
  * bugfix: dolby 2.0 audio was not correctly played back (mono)
  * option for constant downmixing to dolby 2.0 added (see README.xinerc)
  * reworked spu/menu decoder
  * new deinterlace method using Xv scaling for slower systems
  * mmx/mmxext/sse optimized memcpy functions
  * oss softsync fixes
  * EXPERIMENTAL dxr3enc video driver for displaying non-mpeg streams on dxr3
    (read xine-ui/doc/README.dxr3 for details on compilation and usage)
  * version checking of external libdivxdecore.so in divx4 decoder plugin
  * default priority of divx4 decoder (4) lower than ffmpeg (5)
  * removed divx4 decoder warning and code cleanup; updated README.divx4
  * dxr3 option for 'zoom' mode (see README.dxr3)
  * dxr3 still-menu/audio sync fixes / menu buttons now auto-display
  * dxr3 now keeps BCS values in .xinerc / Aspect ratio autodetection
xine (0.9.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * bugfixes
  * ogg/vorbis support
  * improved softsync (esd, oss) support
  * ASF support
  * non-gcc compiler support
  * improved spu/menu support
  * fast, specialized scaling functions
  * documentation cleanup
  * audio volume slider

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net> Sun Oct 14 20:13:20 CEST 2001

xine (0.9.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * support for subtitle names
  * new software deinterlacer (try --deinterlace; caution: CPU intensive!)
  * new --version argument
  * autoconf-2.52/automake-1.5 support (please test!)
  * lots of small bugfxes...

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>  Tue, 18 Sep 2001 01:48:38 +0200

xine (0.9.0) unstable; urgency=low

  * generic menu support
  * many bugfixes
  * quicktime demuxer
  * dts via s/pdif output

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net>  Fri Sep 14 01:37:31 CEST 2001

xine (0.5.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * small bugfix release

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net>  Wed Sep  5 02:41:11 CEST 2001

xine (0.5.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * many bugfixes
  * ffmpeg (mpeg4, opendivx ...) works on bigendian machines now
  * time-based seeking (try the cursor keys)
  * stream bitrate/length estimation (not implemented in all demuxers yet)
  * transport stream support should work now 
  * trick-plays (fast forward, slow motion, true pause function)
  * audio output architecture change

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net>  Sun Sep  2 23:47:00 CEST 2001

xine (0.5.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * ffmpeg plugin (OpenDivX, MS mpeg 4, motion-jpeg support)
  * various bugfixes

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net>  Sat,  11 Aug 2001 01:39:12 +0200

xine (0.5.0) unstable; urgency=low

  This is the big, long-awaited architecture change

  * new, plugin-based architecture
  * major GUI enhancements (MRL browser, usability...)
  * ports to Solaris (sparc/intel), IRIX (mips)
  * fullscreen and yuy2 support for XShm
  * support for remote X11 displays
  * aalib video output
  * artsd support
  * dxr3/h+ support now finally in the official tree
  * 4/5/5.1 audio channel output (OSS/ ALSA?)
  * a new default skin by Jérôme Villette

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net>  Sun,  22 Jul 2001 13:10:52 +0200

xine (0.4.3) unstable; urgency=low

  This is a minor bugfix release

  * GUI bugfixes and minor improvements
  * build fixes for FreeBSD
  * tarball should be complete now
  * improved demuxer file type detection
  * making metronom a bit more tolerant for small wraps
  * improved mp3 sample rate handling 

 -- Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net>  Sun,  16 May 2001 22:59:00 +0200

xine (0.4.2) unstable; urgency=low

  This is mainly a bugfix release for those who want a stable xine _now_,
  before the new, better, universal 0.5 architecture has stabilized.
  * RPM package fixes (version 0.4.01)
  * Stability/portability patches by Henry Worth
    (fixes lots of hangs and the like, should build on ppc now)
  * tests for ALSA version <0.9 in configure
  * improved synchronization, especially for AVIs
  * added file browser dialog (bad hack, but mostly working)
  * fixed "squeeking mpeg sound" bug
  * fixed segfault bug with non-seekable input plugins
  * fifo plugin now refuses to handle plain file name MRLs
    (fixes broken seek for files on some installations)
 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>  Sun,  6 May 2001 14:24:01 +0200

xine (0.4.0) unstable; urgency=low

  * new multithreaded architecture - xine becomes idle
  * notable performance improvements
  * lots of portability patches (alpha, powerpc...)
  * dynamic loading of demuxers

  * added support for ESD audio output
  * new CORBA interface (optional)

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>  Sat,  3 Mar 2001 01:36:39 +0100

xine (0.3.7) unstable; urgency=low

  * subpicture/subtitle support
  * experimental AC3 digital output with some ALSA drivers 
  * restricted Debian build architecture to i386
  * added Setup dialog for brightness and contrast controls

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>  Sun,  4 Feb 2001 14:44:23 +0100

xine (0.3.6) unstable; urgency=low

  * support for field pictures
  * added autoprobing for audio driver
  * fixed autoconf paths for architecture independant files
  * VCD support for FreeBSD
  * raw device support fixed
  * libmpg123 update and bugfixes
  * mpeg audio (mp3) demuxer
  * video window resizing for Xv available
  * updated Debian control and copyright (closes:Bug#82817,Bug#83044,Bug#83047)

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>  Mon, 22 Jan 2001 02:06:08 +0100

xine (0.3.5) unstable; urgency=low

  * (hopefully) fixed autoconf for Athlon processors
  * fixed aspect ratio calculation (=> SVCD support)
  * fixed demuxer bug (xine crashed aftera few minutes w/ some streams)
  * teletux support for YUY2 video format

  * added fixed build architecture for Debian package
  * Debian packages are now using /usr/lib/win32 for Windows Codecs
  * using English man page instead of French one, both to come...

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>  Wed, 10 Jan 2001 11:10:57 +0100

xine (0.3.4) unstable; urgency=low

  * re-debianized package using debhelper (much cleaner debian packages)

  * rudimentary support for win32 codecs
  * added Teletux support patch from Joachim Koenig
  * 3Dnow! support
  * build improvements on K6/K7 processors  

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>  Mon,  8 Jan 2001 04:03:11 +0100

xine (0.3.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * playlist, autoplay function
  * seamless branching
  * lpcm support
  * sigint handling
  * fixed shared memory release
  * fixed NTSC aspect ratio

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>  Thu, 04 Jan 2001 01:37:42 +0100

xine (0.3.2) unstable; urgency=low
  * audio rate up/downsampling
  * new yuv2rgb routines
  * anamorphic scaling for Xshm output
  * gui improvements (audio channel selection, fullscreen,
	  skinfiles, slider, transparency, a new theme)
  * ac3dec performance improved 
  * improved debugging/logging functions
  * improved dabian packages
  * RedHat 7 / gcc "2.96" build fixes

   -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>  Wed, 13 Dec 2000 02:44:18 +0100

xine (0.3.1p1) unstable; urgency=high

  * Bugfix for Debian package: 0.3.1 always segfaulted. This release should

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>  Tue, 21 Nov 2000 21:43:18 +0100

xine (0.3.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Initial release of Debian package.

  * xine should run on kde now
  * better audio driver detection
  * fixed aspect ratio bug
  * fixed pause function (restart pos)
  * fixed playlist-next bug  

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>  Sun, 19 Nov 2000 15:33:28 +0100

xine (0.3.0+older) unstable; urgency=low
        - NULL audio driver (ability to run without sound card) 
        - ALSA audio driver
	- pause function
	- simple playlist function
	- massive performance improvements for xshm
 	  through subslice output
	- gui/skin improvements
	- improved build process
	- improved internal architecture
	- many minor updates/bugfixes

	this is a maintenance/bugfix
	release, just wanted to release all the small little changes
	before we go for the next big architecture update that will
	be in the 0.3.x series

	- included patches by Alan Cox:
	  net_plugin, bug fixes (i.e. VCD ...)
	- xshm video output module fixed for bpp>16
	  (but don't use that for speed reasons!)
	- new iDCT_mmx code from walken 
	  => picture quality massively improved :))
	- FAQ update
	- speed improvements due to new compiler switches
	- minor Makefile fixes for FreeBSD ports 
 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>  Sun,  7 Jan 2001 23:59:12 +0100

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