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Improved RGB→YUV conversion v2 (use MPEG range instead of full range)

Video-out plugins expect MPEG range Y'CbCr data (Y'=16..235, Cb,Cr=16..240).
RGB sources (still images and audio visualisation effects) need to be
converted first.

This patch fixes up the range calculations and corrects an off-by-one in the
range for Cb and Cr over commit 68fcd69fb3b6 (which was reverted due to API
change). It should also provide a little more accuracy: I've gone back to
the source ( for the conversion

(We should use float or double here, but that would be an ABI change.)

Darren Salt Darren Salt 2012-02-15

changed src/xine-utils/color.c
changed src/xine-utils/xineutils.h
src/xine-utils/color.c Diff Switch to side-by-side view
src/xine-utils/xineutils.h Diff Switch to side-by-side view

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