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Assigned tasks

- xitk-ui 


- Alsa

  Peter Weissgerber 

- a gtk/gnome gui, perhaps by building a bonobo component?
  this should be possible now, xine is a library and can be embedded
  in other applications

  Sean Middleditch

- navigation support, subtitle decoder

  James Courtier-Dutton, 
  Rich Wareham,
  Siggi Langauf

- Solaris(SPARC/intel) port

  Juergen Keil

- dxr3 support, 4,5,5.1 multichannel audio
  Eduard Hasenleithner

- IRIX port

  Matthias Hopf

- win32 port

  Matthew Grooms 

- kde part / qt port
  Philip Stadermann

- a quicktime demuxer, based on openquicktime


- optimize DVD raw device support by reading data in larger chunks


- ogg/vorbis support


Open Tasks

- SDL based video and audio output plugins
  I've seen patches about this before but with the monolitic xine
  this would have ment xine to become SDL-dependant. But now,
  with our flexible dynamic audio/video plugin architecture
  this is no longer a problem
- fbdev based video output plugin
- a win32 port, based on the SDL output plugins
- a decoder plugin that uses xanim's quicktime codec plugins
  (pretty much like the libwin32) this could enable 3ivx support btw
- port to other OS (Net/OpenBSD, Win32 ...?)
- deinterlace filters
- asd support
- xine hacker's guide
- MicroDVD support
- timed script subtitle support (various formats)
- video output synced to vertical blank