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The road to 1.0

required for 1.0

- fix rate estimation in demux_mpeg/demux_mpeg_block
  obs: rate estimation is now fixed for dvds. 
- input_dvd: detect errors, display useful error messages
  obs: partialy implemented. all modules must be checked
  for error reporting.
- update xine hacker's guide


- fix streaming of small files (e.g. http) 
- input_rtp
- rtsp support (currently only real's rtsp derivate is implemented)
- theora support
- detect broken savage drivers in health check, disable Xv in that case
- id3v2 (guenter)
- directfb video output plugin
- reduce memory footprint (e.g. variable fifo buffer sizes...)
- bring dxr3 video out to work with aaxine (michael)
- Multiple DVD Subtitles displayed at the same time (jcdutton)
- Move read cache code from libdvdnav into input_dvd.c (jcdutton)
- Support DVD "Trick" modes. Super Fast forward/reverse (jcdutton)
- xvid decoder plugin 
- opengl video output plugin (matthias)
- irix audio output plugin (matthias)
- update DVB plugin (latest API, DVB-C support) (guenter)
- support changing channel for V4L (event already defined in xine.h)

Open Tasks

- resurrect the win32 port
- port to other OS (Net/OpenBSD, Win32, hurd ...?)
- MicroDVD input plugin
- video output synced to vertical blank
  preferably without requiring
  root privileges (XSync extension? MAS?)
- direct playback of vcd images
- isma support (
- find out what all those people requesting rtp/multicast/... support
  really want and how to implement it :)
- resolve issues with ffmpeg's live http streaming server
- videolan streaming support
- support for theora         
- MAS support (
- nonlinear video editing and compositing frontend (michael)
- stream format conversion frontend
- audio filters
- implement get_audio/video_frame at least for 1 set of demuxer+decoders