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File Date Author Commit
 fonts 2004-12-13 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [7b6209] I knew I made some mistake: sed scripts should ...
 .cvsignore 2002-12-11 Bastien Nocera Bastien Nocera [7bda22] - added pkg-config support 2003-05-28 Miguel Freitas Miguel Freitas [139b03] trying to get daily rpm building again...
 Makefile.common 2004-12-01 František Dvořák František Dvořák [8edb6f] mkinstalldirs script is obsoleted in automake. ... 2003-02-02 Daniel Caujolle-Bert Daniel Caujolle-Bert [ff4e85] SlackBuild should clean build directory now 2004-04-08 Miguel Freitas Miguel Freitas [74e406] Chris Rankin's patch for rpmbuild support
 cdda_server.c 2004-12-12 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [725c53] huge patch ahead: reorganizing config entries w...
 libdvdcss-1.2.6-network.patch 2004-07-27 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [f149b1] from the docs of sprintf: "when the strings ove... 2004-09-01 František Dvořák František Dvořák [5dd04b] Improvements and implementing Michael's suggest... 2005-05-31 Darren Salt Darren Salt [8fd26b] POSIX-compliant use of 'head' and 'tail'. 2003-10-29 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [395278] this should finally be correct now
 vga.xinefont.gz 2001-11-28 Miguel Freitas Miguel Freitas [dab506] * OSD (On Screen Display) for rendering text an... 2004-11-03 Miguel Freitas Miguel Freitas [203609] make sure frontend links to -lrt when posix tim...
 xine-fontconv.c 2004-07-25 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [738914] protect buffers 2005-01-06 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [7b6d6f] I assume this was a typo
 xine_logo.mpv 2002-07-26 Miguel Freitas Miguel Freitas [399983] - 4x3 xine_logo with url
 xine_logo.png 2002-07-26 Miguel Freitas Miguel Freitas [399983] - 4x3 xine_logo with url

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