Hello to all!

Ok, I just found your software and am using it.  There is just a minor problem and a feature I'd like.

The problem is when watching a stagevu.com video, its too slow.
the stream description shows up as
avi 624x352 ISO MPEG-4 (XviD) (ffmpeg)
48 kHz 32 kBit/s MPEG layer 2/3

and 32kBit/s is all I get for bandwidth which is not acceptable for a high quality video and obviously the site streams at a faster rate.  Is there anyway to override the http plugin to get a faster transmission??  I do have my bandwidth set at 512/cable.

The feature I'd like is a double click for full screen and double click for normal screen.

Ubuntu 9.04
gxine 0.5.903 (0.5.903-4ubuntu1; Debian)
using xine-lib, compiled using 1.1.15

Other then that I'm impressed with the player so far.

PS I hope this is the right maillist it is all i could find...

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