Using xine lib, how can I determine the current title/chapter/playtime (ie current hh:mm:ss into the stream)?  I can call, xine_get_stream_info (stream, XINE_STREAM_INFO_AUDIO_CHANNELS), for example, to get the audio channel.  But I don’t see a similar function or option in xine.h to get the current position in the DVD.  Similarly, is there an easy way to seek/position xine to a specific title/chapter/playtime (ie to jump back to that same point)?


I work on Pluto Home (plutohome.com/support), an opensource media server/smarthome product, and one of the features is that your media (TV, DVD, music, etc.) follows you as you move around the house (by detecting signal strengths from your mobile phone), or with an interactive floorplan.  It knows automatically that if you start watching a dvd in 1 room, and then move that dvd to multiple locations, it has to switch to VideoLan and go to streaming instead, and switches back to Xine when you’re again in only 1 room.  The only problem is that since I can’t figure out how to get the current location in the room you left, I’m not able to resume the dvd where you left off in the next room—it starts from the beginning.  I know this info must be available since the gui can show title/chapter/playtime.  Also, we want to add ‘bookmarks’ for your favorite scenes in the movies.