I am sorry if this is the wrong email address for this sort of question.  I am looking at putting together a media player to allow users to connect to a server, browse for a file and then play it.

I am using xine for the playback.  I have sorted out the file browsing section and pass an mrl to xine to play which is a location on an apache server.  When the file is played, it buffers to around 21% then the video starts playing.  Is there a way I can get xine to buffer and then start playing once the buffering is up to 95-100%?  I have noticed that xine will wait until buffering is 100% when passing the arguments at command line, eg:

xine http://xxx.xxx.x.xx:8080/myVideo.avi

I was hoping to get over this little bit before posting my code on sourceforge.

Any help would be really appreciated.  Please could you let me know if I have emailed the wrong people and forward me on to someone else.



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