I've taken xinimin.c and added seek and osd functionality.  The last big piece that I need to implement is deinterlacing, however, I'm finding very little documentation.  I've been through the hacker's guide and of course I haved googled and googled.  I found the deprecated method:

 xine_set_param(stream, XINE_PARAM_VO_DEINTERLACE, 1);

which did not work.  I saw that the current method involves post plugins, but my /usr/include/xine/post.h doesn't have the word deinterlace in it.

Can anyone provide an example of how to implement deinterlacing.  It would be nice to have the flexibility down the road to change the deinterlacer, but something equivalent to the -D option on the command line is what I'm looking for to start with.

Is there a good resource for example source files?