I want to run a post plugin by adding it to the xine.conf config file. However when I do that the plugin does not get started. Only when I specify it on the command line it works. Do I need to specify something additional in the config file to get it to start? The entry line for the xine config would be:


(which does not start it). And a:

#export DISPLAY=:0
#xine -f    --post=dfatmo:driver=boblight,top=4,bottom=2,left=2,right=2,analyze_size=3,enabled=1 file://root/ambilighttestvideos/RGB\ Test\ Sequence.mp4
works. How can I get the same by using the configuration file only?

Besides that, when I run it on the commandline the plugin functions however it looks like there is a huge lag. Any way to improve that?