Hi Darren,

> The first step is to post them here with suitable subject lines and
> descriptions. If you have a local xine-lib repository (cloned from [0]), then
> you could commit them then use "hg email" to send them.

I haven't received any responses other than your own so I'll leave it on the back burner until I have time to clean things up.  Fixing deadlocks and changing my code so it can execute MHP-like java xlets will get a higher priority.

> BTW, you should check if any significant changes are needed for porting to
> the 1.2 branch.

The input and demux patches will probably be fine but the teletext spu decoder will at a minimum need tweaking for the different API.  I've never managed to get the 1.2 branch to properly compile and link so I can't say what else might be needed.


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