I would like to use gxine on a Lubuntu system primarily for viewing videos. I have installed it successfully from the repository, and without any further modification it allowed me to view asx files. Yet, I have not been able to view mov files. I followed the instructions shown here:   http://www.xine-project.org/faq#quicktime.  It states that the file I need to unpack is called essential, although there are several files with that name. So, I interpreted it as these two:



After unpacking these two and moving the contents in accordance with the instruction, I then tried to view a downloaded mov-file. It failed with an error message. I am not sure whether these are old instructions and possibly no longer applicable, but I would like to get this working in one way or another.

In addition to having gxine work properly with mov files, I then want to use it to view and record a video stream from a webcam on my local LAN. I do have the plugin for Firefox installed as well, but it did not appear clear to me how I can record the stream.  Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.