Hi all,
I'm new to alsa and xine, and get some confused with "default" device and and the "hw:0,0" device, do they have any difference?
i write a very simple media player app, using xine-lib, i modify the xine config file, set the "audio.device.alsa_front_device" value to "hw:0,0".
i found that, when the value is "hw:0,0", the program can NOT run more than one process at same time(I mean only one process can play sound,others hang),
when the value set to "default", i can run more than one process, and every app can play sound at same time.
so, it seems that, the "default" and he "hw0,0" are not same device? and i don't know the detail.

can anybody help me? thanks a lot!

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