I have an original Wonderfalls DVD which I have played back without issue using xine 1.1.1 however when using xine 1.1.3 there is a small (around 120ms) a/v sync error when watching this DVD. I use tv out at the NTSC refresh rate 59.94Hz, for the moment I have reverted to xine 1.1.1 which has fixed the problem. PAL DVDs do not have this problem so far as I have tested.


I thought this was worth reporting because a while back I tried transcoding this to xvid using transcode 1.0.2 with the PSU core and got exactly the same av sync issue which leads me to think it’s a regression in a common library between xine and transcode (perhaps libffmpeg). I’m happy to do a bit of poking around and report back the versions of any libraries that are being used etc.


Will Wiseman