Hello all! I'm new to all this project mailing list malarky so please bear with me :)

Here's my story: I recently given up on totem for getting DVD menus to work I turned to Gxine on my opensuse machine, and everything is great.


I consider myself an artistic sort of chap, and to call the current splash "dated" would be generous. So I whipped up a new splash image (worked straight off by copy-pasting into my gxine folder, nice!) and I'm offering it to replace the current one. The look is inspired by the opensuse alternative gimp splash screen, with icons from the gnome-brave set.

I'm open to any comments or ideas to improve it. I'm very new to contributing to oss projects so I don't know what the procedure is to get proposals accepted (for instance does this count as a patch).
Its really important that the splash looks modern and attractive, after all its the first thing anyone sees when opening the program and IMHO the current one says "welcome to 1999" :P

Anyway, the splash screen is on this page:
The image directly