Hi all,

I am porting opie mediaplayer2 using libxine1.1.16.3-r1. I configure my mediaplayer2 to used alsa plug-in from libxine.
My opie mediaplayer2 now can play mp3 file using libxine and direct pcm stream to a real hardware pcm device.
Now i want to direct the pcm stream to another pc over ethernet port. So i modify the /etc/asound.conf to direct the pcm stream to a PCM null device

My /etc/asound.conf is below
# default dmix configuration

pcm.!default {
    type file
    slave { pcm mynull }
    file "| /dragon/bin/audio_client"
    format "raw"

    type null

My program can direct the sound over network when play another program such as aplay (which doesn't use libxine)

 "# aplay example.mp3"
but it fail with
"# opieplayer2 example.mp3"

My question is how can the libxine support to write to a Null pcm device ?

Below is some thing that i capture from console

opieplayer2 example.mp3

: waiting for initialization thread to finish
: Lib::run() finished
: initialization thread finished!
audio_alsa_out: Audio Device name = default
audio_alsa_out: Number of channels = 2
opieplayer2: pcm_null.c:142: snd_pcm_null_drop: Assertion `null->state != SND_PC
M_STATE_OPEN' failed.

Thanks in advanced