Am 16.09.2010 um 22:20 schrieb Reinhard Nissl:

The actual number of input buffers may be chosen a bit lower as a
part of the a/v offset can also be buffered during decoding and
by the output buffers.

Hi Reinhard,

thanks for your explanation. As I'm also "suffering" from those dropouts on Ubuntu Lucid (actually yaVDR) I'd like to ask another question: What settings do you recommend for the xine plugin itself? With the settings below I experience dropouts even on SD channels that are broadcasted with PCM audio (e.g. "VOX")

xine.modeLiveTV.monitoringDuration = 10
xine.modeLiveTV.monitoringMode = monitoringOnce
xine.modeLiveTV.prebufferFramesAudio = 4
xine.modeLiveTV.prebufferFramesVideoHD = 4
xine.modeLiveTV.prebufferFramesVideoSD = 4
xine.modeLiveTV.prebufferHysteresis = 4

Increasing only the "prebufferFrames*" does not help, it seems to me that the dropouts just appear a bit later. BUT: if I use "0" for "xine.modeLiveTV.monitoringDuration" and thus disable it and use "25" for the "prebufferFrames*" theses dropouts are completely gone. Does this make any sense to you?