Matt Hirsch wrote:
Can someone please review my new Jack output layer and either commit or
offer feedback please

Ed - I've been using your new jack output layer for a bit now and I'm
very happy with it. I have no problems to report. Maybe Diego was
suggesting that you make your patch against the
1.2-audio-out-conversion branch, not that there is existing code there
(there's not as far as I can tell)?

My code *is* effectively a patch against 1.2...  It's a complete replacement for the audio out module and at least from a cursory glance at the 1.2 code it should work fine since the API doesn't appear to have changed

It should be much more than just a 2 channel upgrade - I would be interested if the FLAC problems reported before are gone for example. 

I haven't had a response from Diego as to what else needs to change though and why it's not been included...  Diego..?

Thanks for the feedback

Ed W