Darren Salt wrote:
I demand that Barry Scott may or may not have written...

As requested here is my patch to time stamps the debug and log messages
output by xine lib. The code only adds a time stamp it the part being
printed is at the start of a line.

I used this patch to  allow me to time the speed of DVB-T tuning for
example. It's also very useful when correlating events in other log files
with xine's logs.

My only objection to this is that the time stamp is not present in the log
buffer (which is what you're likely to be viewing if you're using gxine). I'm
not sure what to do about this: extend the buffer, add an extra field, or
leave it as is and have less space for the log message.

For my needs I only use the stderr/stdout logging. I don't have a UI on top of xine-lib
and the log sizes I typically have are multi megabyte so the inbuilt ring is not useful.

I'm sure someone could add the extra you suggested,