RaSca wrote:
Il lun, 2005-01-31 alle 09:03, RaSca ha scritto:
Hi guys,
So, what's wrong ?
Thanks for your help.

I was missing : 
My system is a Debian Sarge with a ricompiled 2.4.26 kernel.
xine-lib, xine-ui are installed from apt package, not from sources.
em8300 modules processed fine in compilation, the em8300 module is
charged with the option -3 -w -S, to enable AC3 out, widescreen and

    Does the sound work through the card on other apps that use it? Do you also have alsa installed on your system? One of the biggest audio related problem I've noticed for Debian users is that "Discovery" isn't installed on their system, or at least it's not running at boot time, and therefore not detecting the hardware. Other than that, maybe a newer 2.6 kernel might help. Of course, this all assumes that it's not a Xine related issue.

                   Rick B