Hello all,


I have looked through the dev docs, and I'm not quite envisioning

this, so I thought I'd ask.


There is a hardware based video player (The Hauppauge MVP) running

custom software (mvpmc / www.mvpmc.org).  This all works fine.

The mvpmc software also has an option to be compiled in "host" mode

(running under X11 on linux box) for testing.  The issue with this is that

the current host mode does not support actual playback of video.


The mvpmc software has pieces in place to talk to mythtv, read files and

talk to vlc and talk to replay tv.  The software takes the input data,

demuxes it and places it into 2 device files (audio/video) for the hardware

to actually play.


My analysis seems to indicate that I would like to be able to skip the input

and demuxer plugins.  What I would like to be able to do is talk directly

to the output engine (through a couple of fifos, perhaps?) and metronom,

to simulate the hardware component of our device.


Is this feasible and practical, or is there another solution I should explore?


Thanks for any advice.



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