Hi Georg,

On Sat, 04 Jan 2003, Georg Meyer wrote:

DVD Playback is better than ever and close to enjoyable :). I'm starting 
to feel real happy. However, there are still interruptions in playback. 
I don't have the latest and greatest computer, but a 1.4 GhZ with 256 
Ram should be alright, or not ? Any tips on how to improve playback ?

If you're running the most recent RedHat, others have mentioned that
you need some magic boot arguments to allow you to use hdparm to set
DMA on your DVDROM device (unfortunately I don't remember the specific
incantation).  If you don't have DMA set, then you will see interruptions
in playback.

Ok, thanks now I know it's not my hardware. If someone tells me that magic, I would be gratefull.