Yesterday my installation of Xine stopped displaying the OSD elements properly. At first I had problems with DVD subtitles and after changing -V xxmc to xv(it might have been caused by something else), the entire OSD stopped functioning. After messing with it for a couple of hours, I discovered that the OSD briefly displays if I press the Stop button, just before the Xine logo appears. It's as if the video layer is in front of the OSD layers...?

I use MythTV to open Xine and that machine is connected to a TV only, no VGA monitor and no mouse or keyboard, just a Lirc remote. The OSD seems to function nicely when I forward my X session to my other linux machine. Even DVD subtitles work(DVD is in the drive of the machine with the OSD problem).

I removed my .xine/config to have xine make a new one, but that didn't help, does xine have any other config files that may have gone crazy? Naturally I've tried a bunch of config options....

Anyone hava an idea what could be wrong and what I should do?