>Some video streams explicitly ask the player to use a certain width to height ratio. This is >called aspect ratio. For example anamorphic DVDs are stored at 768x576 pixels (at least >PAL DVDs), but they are displayed at something like 1024x576. xine then scales the image accordingly.
>The letterboxed display can be disabled in xine-ui by enabling the config option gui.stream_resize_window.

Aha, I see about the anamorphic thing. But the problem movie is a "OGM" file it's not a DVD. But perhaps anamorphic override works for those too?

I also found the stream the gui.stream_resize_window config.
But then I tried to use that line is gxine config as well, but it doesn't seem to work.
Is it supposed to? In any case, it's not wiped out from the config file, it remains there.