System is an ATI Fusion GT56N chipset running Catalyst driver amd-driver-installer-12-1-x86.x86_64

xine-Lib 1.2.1 with ffmpeg 0.10


This issue has been present with all versions of xine-lib I’ve used (from 1.1.19 upwards). When playing video, especially h264 video, the bottom row of 8 pixels is solid green.


The same code works fine on all other graphics chipsets (nVidia, Intel) but fails on this particular system.


All searches seem to indicate that the problem may be due to the fact that h264 can use 16x16 pixel blocks; 1080 is not evenly divisible by 16 (1072 being the nearest multiple), hence the 8 green pixels.


Any suggestions on how to fix this?