That sounds like theory. Did you actually test this scenario in practice, please?


From: Torsten Jager <>
To: Chris Rankin <>
Sent: Wednesday, 27 March 2013, 17:30
Subject: Re: AAC 5.1 audio is broken in xine-lib-1.2

> Hmm, is your patch going to affect DVB TS streams, e.g. from a HDTV
> channel? Some HDTV channels broadcast 2.0 sound for one program, followed by 5.1
> sound for another. Or possibly interrupt a movie with 5.1 sound to show
> commercials with 2.0 sound.

I only changed the startup behaviour.
Audio out was opened with bogus settings (1Hz != 0) which failed.
This prevented a retry after first audio frame came in and corrected
the settings (48k/6 channels).
Once ao _is_ open successfully, everything works same as before,
including further stream conf changes.