Your patch regressed existing functionality and so I reverted it. (A trivial change to a single file, in any case). The MOV file in question plays fine with both xine's libfaad plugin and ffplay (the FFmpeg player), and has done ever since it was released in 2008/9. This suggests that the problem is indeed somewhere with xine's FFmpeg audio decoder.

> A simple change of faad decoder priority would have done it, too.

That's irrelevant, I'm afraid. Reverting the patch was the cleanest way to resolve the regression, and still allows you to work on a more complete fix without impacting users.


From: Torsten Jager <>
To: Chris Rankin <>
Sent: Wednesday, 27 March 2013, 16:26
Subject: Re: AAC 5.1 audio is broken in xine-lib-1.2


I'm quite angry with you about reverting my patch that
quick (and breaking another patch of mine as well this way).
A simple change of faad decoder priority would have done it, too.

> Hi,
> I have a couple of movie trailer files that use AAC 5.1 audio.
> This used to be decoded by libfaad, but is now being decoded by
> FFmpeg instead

This is my intention. At least with ffmpeg 1.1.2, it does fix
most of my issues from my "hifi aac" thread.

Your file is indeed broken. It supplies invalid settings
in container head. Maybe you should improve your taste of movies ;-)

Anyway, this should fix it - if those earlier patches would be
still there...