Ok, Thanks for sharing this. It is certainly help full.


Op zondag 27-07-2008 om 17:25 uur [tijdzone +0300], schreef Petri hintukainen:
Joost Kop:
> Recently I started to implement an autozoom post plugin for xine. The
> plugin will look into the video content and when it sees black-bars
> (top and bottom) it will crop the black-bars and change the aspect
> ratio accordingly. The goal is to have the same autozoom behavior as
> TV sets have today (eq. higher range Philips TVs).

I've implemented something similar for xineliboutput
( http://xineliboutput.cvs.sourceforge.net/xineliboutput/vdr-xineliboutput/xine_post_autocrop.c?view=markup )

It is plain xine post plugin, you should be able to compile + install it
outside of xine-lib source tree and use with any xine-lib based

- Petri