Hi Manfred

On Sun, 2008-04-20 at 17:00 +0200, Manfred Tremmel wrote:
Hello J Dickin,

> > Try the different video output options, xshm plugin should work
> > what ever happens. The XVideo extension (used by xv plugin which is
> > selected by default, when the XVideo extension is detected) is
> > broken on some graphic card drivers, especialy the propritary ati
> > driver is very bad in this case. Also S3 driver makes often
> > trouble.
>         ****    Now I can get TV with Xine and Kaffeine.  I think it
> was the default xv plugin causing the problems.
>                     BUT the quality is not good.  Both sound and
> vision are breaking up. I am attaching two photos I have taken with
> my camera to show the picture problems.  The sound is not
> synchronised at times, squeaks intermittently and disappears
> altogether after a while.  I have tried changing the quality but
> there is no improvement.  Am I overlooking something?

Looks like a broken MPEG stream. Check signal quality and Signal Noise 
Rate in the channels window. If it's ok, the driver for your DVB card 
is broken.

        I am confused.  The signal strength is around 40% and the SNR hovers around 70%.
        However, the card is only 6 months old and as I said in my original post it works fine in Windows. Is it possible for there to be such a difference?
>     PS   I havn't copied this to the users list because of the
> attachment

If you would have used the screenshot function of Kaffeine, it would be 
much smaller and not 2560x1920 pixel.

        Well that shows how new I am to Kaffeine and xine!  Sorry to all.