I am having problems installing xine-lib-1.1.0 and gxine-0.4.6.
I have spent 3 days trying to install and have had no success.
I reinstalled Fedora Core3 and started fresh and still have problems.
I have followed the instructions and installed in home as per instructions.
Xine will install ok with no errors and when you install gxine it installs ok but for one error.
Error warning: Build with internel Spidermonkey is Deprecated.
If I go to terminal and type mplayer it tells me no such file.
As I am trying to get away from WindowsXP on all my four machines I would like to fix this problem with xine.
A lot of my emails come with WMV attachments and as I said I want to go to linux on my machines.
I am involved in web page design and also repairs to computers.
Hope you can help me resolve this problem.
Barry H.