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 browser-plugin 2005-04-23 dsalt dsalt [023036] Updates from CVS HEAD:
 debian 2005-09-09 dsalt dsalt [9d58cc] Packaging synchronisation.
 doc 2005-06-01 dsalt dsalt [034d1b] Typo fix.
 include 2012-02-01 Darren Salt Darren Salt [1dc982] Use "quietened" build if automake 1.11 was used.
 intl 2002-10-26 storri storri [ca05e6] Added debug and install-debug targets for a deb...
 m4 2010-04-09 Darren Salt Darren Salt [7e05aa] Drop support for Mozilla js variants; require m...
 misc 2012-02-01 Darren Salt Darren Salt [724268] And add Makefile.quiet, else it won't work.
 pixmaps 2005-07-06 dsalt dsalt [8eee04] Backport fixes from CVS HEAD.
 po 2005-08-24 dsalt dsalt [75971e] Remove some unused files.
 src 2005-09-11 dsalt dsalt [d7921c] Improve vis plugin (un)chaining. Avoids audio l...
 .cvsignore 2005-08-28 dsalt dsalt [05c9a5] More to be ignored :-)
 .hgignore 2011-08-07 Darren Salt Darren Salt [35a7fb] Ignore file fixup.
 ABOUT-NLS 2006-03-06 dsalt dsalt [008072] This file was mostly bloat :-)
 AUTHORS 2008-03-12 Darren Salt Darren Salt [b58ff8] Update AUTHORS (new translation details).
 COPYING 2005-10-24 dsalt dsalt [691317] Update FSF address.
 ChangeLog 2005-09-11 dsalt dsalt [adeccf] Doc update.
 INSTALL 2009-12-19 Darren Salt Darren Salt [aeb8a9] Document build-time use of rsvg, optipng & advpng. 2012-02-01 Darren Salt Darren Salt [1dc982] Use "quietened" build if automake 1.11 was used.
 NEWS 2002-02-28 guenter guenter [1e48ac] finally: import of gnome-xine sources to cvs
 README 2005-08-17 dsalt dsalt [44e1aa] Documentation updates.
 TODO 2009-12-17 Darren Salt Darren Salt [4ef159] Double-click → full-screen; use a "hand" pointe... 2009-12-19 Darren Salt Darren Salt [6b8ec8] Whitespace cleanup: trailing space removal & co...
 config.rpath 2006-05-05 Darren Salt Darren Salt [dba5ed] Merge config.rpath update. 2005-09-12 dsalt dsalt [09229e] 0.4.8
 gxine.desktop 2005-06-29 dsalt dsalt [9cec2d] Minor tweak.

Read Me

  gxine, a GTK+ frontend for xine

(C) 2001-2004 Guenter Bartsch
(C) 2004-2005 Darren Salt
(C) 2001-2005 and the xine project team

gxine is free software released under the GPL.

LIRC support

gxine has full LIRC support. You need to have a file named
to use it. An example lircrc file is included in the misc/ directory (source)
or in the documentation directory if you're using a packaged version (try
something like /usr/share/doc/gxine).

You can let gxine execute any Javascript code you want on lirc input :)

VDR support

As of 0.4.0, gxine has VDR support. You'll need vdr, vdr-xine and a
suitably-patched xine-lib (see the vdr-xine documentation for details) to
make use of this.

If ~/.gxine already exists and contains a key bindings file from an older
version of gxine:

 * Your key bindings be upgraded automatically. Any bindings with command
   strings which don't match one of the defaults or which already have
   descriptions (also new in 0.4.0) will be left untouched - you'll have to
   check these ones yourself.

 * There are some new bindings for use with VDR. These will be added at the
   same time.

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