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[e9e6e6] (0.4.0-rc2gxine-0_4_0-rc2-release) by dsalt


diff -r 76b95d5e1197 -r b046d27a19b0 ChangeLog

2004-11-28 00:18:51 Tree
[e51221] by dsalt

Empty changelog

diff -r ee9e8a0a9f3d -r 76b95d5e1197 ChangeLog

2004-11-26 23:14:38 Tree
[42fb3f] by dsalt

gettext files update.

diff -r 99c9af24bb24 -r ee9e8a0a9f3d po/cs.po

2004-11-26 23:13:59 Tree
[8a4938] by dsalt

Fix a UI state display bug (logo display => stopped).

diff -r 5fe4c8ffeaf8 -r 99c9af24bb24 src/noskin_window.c

2004-11-26 19:06:57 Tree
[485485] by dsalt

Extra X locking around various bits of resize code.
(Seems to be needed for the OpenGL output plugin.)
Make the full-screen window persistent; create it at startup.
(Avoids a XNextEvent/XSelectInput race which can cause unresponsiveness in
the video window event thread.)

diff -r 86fd073c80c0 -r 5fe4c8ffeaf8 src/gtkvideo.c

2004-11-26 18:34:16 Tree
[0a7dd4] by dsalt

Mirror changes to HEAD in the 0.4.0 branch.

diff -r 78c3d1d67aa6 -r 86fd073c80c0 debian/changelog

2004-11-26 00:44:34 Tree
[177eec] by dsalt

Relax the locking a little for the new OpenGL driver.
Fix a silly resize bug.

diff -r d97b7b8e5313 -r 78c3d1d67aa6 src/gtkvideo.c

2004-11-25 03:06:59 Tree
[d1abb6] by dsalt


diff -r 4aa15b1598ce -r d97b7b8e5313 src/gtkvideo.c

2004-11-24 23:05:35 Tree
[913c18] by dsalt

Remove the splash screen slightly earlier (in case of wizardry).

diff -r 0efbee6a6941 -r 4aa15b1598ce src/main.c

2004-11-24 22:55:52 Tree
[f9d956] by dsalt

Unfuzz a translation. (Trivial.)

diff -r a926f07ecd2b -r 0efbee6a6941 po/cs.po

2004-11-24 18:43:32 Tree
[1b9cd5] by dsalt

Oops. Missed some strings for translation.

diff -r 4edf129bc65d -r a926f07ecd2b po/gxine.pot

2004-11-23 18:21:32 Tree
[9cfc67] by dsalt

Moving the slider sets play mode, so update the buttons to reflect this.

diff -r bd588d3b8db9 -r 4edf129bc65d src/noskin_window.c

2004-11-23 02:32:16 Tree
[830490] by dsalt

Fix crash on trying to load a directory as a playlist.

diff -r d35f129025ef -r bd588d3b8db9 src/utils.c

2004-11-21 18:48:46 Tree
[76c164] by dsalt

Mirror change from CVS HEAD.

diff -r e0937a4165e1 -r d35f129025ef misc/gxine.spec.in

2004-11-21 18:35:14 Tree
[578a66] by valtri

Czech translation update (the first attept to work with branches :-)).

diff -r eeb07f4c5d8b -r e0937a4165e1 po/cs.po

2004-11-21 13:00:23 Tree
[a8494d] by dsalt

Mirror change in CVS HEAD.

diff -r 708120ba7c6f -r eeb07f4c5d8b misc/gxine.spec.in

2004-11-20 19:06:17 Tree
[c76b93] by dsalt

Oops, missed some capitalisation...

diff -r c897f95227b8 -r 708120ba7c6f misc/gxine.spec.in

2004-11-20 17:17:55 Tree
[7ffbcc] by dsalt

Mirror update to CVS HEAD.

diff -r f3e1ba2ff5fd -r c897f95227b8 misc/gxine.spec.in

2004-11-20 17:15:35 Tree
[3d7e6b] by dsalt

Fix bug address quoting.

diff -r 9c10378eda90 -r f3e1ba2ff5fd po/Makevars

2004-11-20 15:29:36 Tree
[ddaa62] by dsalt

Oops, missing string.

diff -r 3ab288e25b3d -r 9c10378eda90 po/gxine.pot

2004-11-19 20:10:21 Tree
[38db28] by dsalt

Updated/new man pages. (Guenter Bartsch)

diff -r 256ac8ef901e -r 3ab288e25b3d doc/man/de/Makefile.am

2004-11-19 00:56:06 Tree
[b7ff3f] by dsalt

Remove very out-of-date translations from distribution tarball.

2004-11-18 22:30:30 Tree
[1243b5] by dsalt

Document middle-click and right-click in the video widget area.

2004-11-18 21:53:19 Tree
[0592c7] by dsalt

Doc update.

2004-11-18 21:49:10 Tree
[a5659f] by dsalt

Get the filename earlier, free memory earlier...

2004-11-18 21:48:30 Tree
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