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gxine Log

Commit Date  
[96b024] (0.3.1gxine-0_3_1-release) by guenter

add missing file to tarball

2003-03-09 00:14:43 Tree
[5edac4] by guenter

http error messages

2003-03-08 23:45:59 Tree
[d7a637] by guenter

make goom settings persistent

2003-03-08 23:27:27 Tree
[b3dbc7] by guenter

add volume slider instead of subtitle selection widget

2003-03-08 20:51:26 Tree
[ea6710] by guenter

add amp slider to settings window

2003-03-08 20:26:52 Tree
[026e01] by guenter

a nicer looking wizards dialog

2003-03-08 20:08:03 Tree
[fa1620] by guenter

implemented deinterlacer setting, subtitle channel selection moved to view menu

2003-03-08 17:35:55 Tree
[44acd7] by guenter

mediamarks import function

2003-03-08 15:50:37 Tree
[7d187b] by guenter

load sample mediamarks if no mediamarks file is found

2003-03-08 15:38:58 Tree
[9cfdfe] by guenter

whoups, race condition fixed

2003-03-08 00:20:09 Tree
[b91693] by guenter

sample mediamarks added

2003-03-07 23:59:35 Tree
[53c525] by guenter

playlist load failure error dialogs

2003-03-07 23:30:58 Tree
[e02994] by guenter

drag and drop support

2003-03-07 16:05:43 Tree
[93c25c] by guenter

multiple selection file dialog, playlist add button

2003-03-07 14:31:31 Tree
[2d54a1] by guenter

fix dvd menu navigation shortcuts, filter out scrolllock, numlock

2003-03-07 13:27:48 Tree
[77d410] by guenter

fix plat(0,0);

2003-03-07 02:03:18 Tree
[da49cd] by guenter

spidermonkey powerpc fix by manfred tremmel, start browser plugin only when controls==imagewindow, show wizards again to install updated browser plugin

2003-03-07 01:44:50 Tree
[cbde44] by guenter

some small advances towards skin support, setting verbose config option

2003-03-06 16:51:10 Tree
[2ffc4b] by guenter

handle '/' in comments correctly

2003-03-05 09:22:31 Tree
[d7a35b] by guenter

trying to filter out numlock

2003-03-05 09:12:54 Tree
[683cd6] by guenter

fix segfault on play attempt when ran over playlist end

2003-03-02 20:17:53 Tree
[3bfce6] by guenter

playlist repeat and random modes

2003-03-02 12:49:32 Tree
[7f6ce8] by guenter

make it possible to exit fullscreen mode using ctrl-f (simply pressing f still works)

2003-03-02 12:17:39 Tree
[fb138a] by guenter

keep file and open_mrl dialogs alive on delete event

2003-03-02 12:04:56 Tree
[69725b] by guenter

make sure dialog widgets are not destroyed when closed
using the window manager's close button

2003-03-01 23:37:56 Tree
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