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[7fcbdf] (0.4.999-old-fullscreengxine-0_4_999-old-fullscreen) by dsalt

Removing unused resources.

2005-06-02 20:50:11 Tree
[646e6f] by dsalt

Cope with NULL pointers (just in case), and a few minor tweaks.

2005-06-02 19:39:33 Tree
[bcf35b] by dsalt

Fix up key handler declarations.
Allow a long title in the keybinding edit dbox.

2005-06-02 19:36:10 Tree
[f654ce] by dsalt

Doc update.

2005-06-02 19:14:04 Tree
[67a036] by dsalt

More initial-item bug fixes.

2005-06-02 16:12:35 Tree
[fc5a9a] by dsalt

Typo fix.

2005-06-01 18:22:40 Tree
[393479] by dsalt

Documentation update.

2005-05-31 20:12:21 Tree
[36ecf5] by dsalt

Video widget:
Fiddle with the window properties code a bit (maintainability).
Check for full-screen mode when told to grab the focus.
Alternate between Shift keys (screensaver prevention).
Remove some obsolete code fragments.
Make the toolbar sticky (via GTK) and don't hide it on an unmap event.
Playlist index -2 is the currently highlighted item.
Make the initial item *always* be the top item (affects the "play" button).
Trivially reimplement the close button.
Document the item-get functions wrt item copying.

2005-05-31 19:31:07 Tree
[c57596] by dsalt

Really fix the toolbar size problem.
Looks like sawfish is being too lax wrt the "fullscreen" atom...

2005-05-31 02:04:19 Tree
[d35465] by dsalt

Cope better with different window managers ignoring or taking too much
notice of various hints. Affects full-screen mode.

2005-05-30 18:09:53 Tree
[9189e0] by dsalt

Fix a few small bugs:
- replace a strncpy with a snprintf (string termination)
- a few case-sensitive compares which should be case-insensitive

2005-05-30 18:06:44 Tree
[9d3246] by dsalt

Use macros for the "gxine-*" stock item names.

2005-05-27 18:19:08 Tree
[b5437b] by dsalt

Prevent a possible GTK warning.

2005-05-27 18:05:42 Tree
[594349] by pmhahn


2005-05-26 06:46:46 Tree
[1054c8] by dsalt

Update Debian changelog with CVE ID etc.

2005-05-25 22:34:33 Tree
[698db6] by dsalt

Documentation update.

2005-05-24 16:34:25 Tree
[5f359c] by dsalt

Switch to GtkFileChooser.

2005-05-24 16:27:17 Tree
[dd53d8] by dsalt

SECURITY FIX (pst.advisory 2005-21): remotely-exploitable
missing-format-string vulnerability in some message dialogue boxes.

2005-05-24 16:11:45 Tree
[3adc3b] by dsalt

XInitThreads() was being called too late.

2005-05-21 12:31:28 Tree
[f3c2bd] by dsalt

Prevent the full-screen toolbar from having a title bar.

2005-05-20 21:05:47 Tree
[d00164] by dsalt

Doc update.

2005-05-20 19:05:28 Tree
[aa81fc] by dsalt

Don't try to clone a non-existent item.

2005-05-20 19:04:42 Tree
[c3b1c6] by dsalt

Editing of the currently-played item makes a copy (outside the playlist).
(This may later be used for clipboard-related purposes.)

Playlist next/previous now wrap.

2005-05-20 18:38:07 Tree
[dc1216] by dsalt

Only create each of the gxine-specific stock icons if it's not present via a
gtkrc file. Also move the creation code.

2005-05-20 18:33:58 Tree
[176ed8] by dsalt

Remove internal copy of the SpiderMonkey JS library.

2005-05-19 19:04:15 Tree
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