gxine Log

Commit Date  
[22700b] (0.1gnome-xine-0_1-release) by guenter

version increase

2002-04-28 17:13:27 Tree
[8618ab] by f1rmb

Czech translation file from Frantisek Dvorak <valtri@atlas.cz>.
French fix and German translation file from Philipp Matthias Hahn <pmhahn@titan.lahn.de>.

2002-04-15 22:50:08 Tree
[44e369] by guenter

remove non-existing file

2002-04-14 19:48:54 Tree
[77a62f] by guenter

adapted to latest xine interface changes

2002-03-21 18:42:52 Tree
[76ee41] by guenter

track toplevel window position

2002-03-21 18:27:10 Tree
[182fb9] by f1rmb

Fix depcomp forgetting at 'make dist' stage.

2002-03-21 10:02:12 Tree
[30e057] by guenter

continued to implement mediamarks...

2002-03-19 02:36:50 Tree
[fb6abf] by guenter

small hack to get layout right

2002-03-18 22:35:40 Tree
[0efa7f] by guenter

removed xine.m4

2002-03-18 20:56:09 Tree
[d58e16] by guenter

some cleanups and rough cut of the log window

2002-03-18 19:35:06 Tree
[6393e1] by guenter


2002-03-18 17:15:30 Tree
[65233d] by richwareham

Added preferences dialog (read-only ATM)

2002-03-18 16:21:51 Tree
[245c59] by guenter

relative, time-based seeking

2002-03-18 02:54:58 Tree
[80017a] by guenter

small layout cosmetics, switch off mouse pointer in fullscreen mode

2002-03-17 14:42:05 Tree
[f9d3ea] by guenter

save config on exit

2002-03-17 13:41:15 Tree
[f715f7] by guenter

started to implement mediamarks

2002-03-17 02:35:30 Tree
[2397dc] by heikos

focus fix

2002-03-17 00:40:08 Tree
[23a3f0] by heikos

debug output

2002-03-17 00:22:59 Tree
[3cfa9e] by heikos

only call xine_get_current_position while playing

2002-03-16 23:57:44 Tree
[050d3c] by heikos

fix behaviour for pressing GDK_space

2002-03-16 23:32:49 Tree
[0d1993] by heikos

more intuitive behaviour for the play/pause buttons

2002-03-16 23:28:48 Tree
[d3e146] by heikos

display time

2002-03-16 23:04:22 Tree
[dfcfdd] by guenter

small bugfix to make gnome-xine autoprobe drivers, begin to prepare for additional code modules by introducing globals.h

2002-03-16 18:18:33 Tree
[79cdd4] by guenter

small X bugfixes

2002-03-14 17:51:59 Tree
[4b881b] by guenter

make 'f' shortcut work again

2002-03-14 01:41:24 Tree
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