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[049f12] (0.2gxine-0_2-release) by siggi

trying to give at least an idea of a ChangeLog

2002-12-07 00:13:30 Tree
[3031d8] by siggi

*grrr* this manual is really persistent...

2002-12-07 00:10:32 Tree
[2a6f2e] by siggi

preparations for the 0.2 release:
- complete renaming naming to "gxine" (still not finished)
- disable the HTML manual for "gnome-xine"

2002-12-07 00:02:36 Tree
[2b6e63] by guenter

patch submitted by Manfed Tremmel

2002-12-06 16:54:59 Tree
[9c8ed7] by guenter

another metacity fullscreen fix

2002-12-04 11:04:35 Tree
[3332b2] by guenter

aspect ratio fix by Henning Kulander

2002-12-04 10:58:45 Tree
[be757c] by guenter

fullscreen the metacity way

2002-12-04 02:59:26 Tree
[8cf849] by guenter

hierarchical mediamarks plus a mediamark manager

2002-11-30 23:52:25 Tree
[30571f] by guenter

display error messages if the engine fails to start

2002-11-30 19:20:37 Tree
[e3727f] by guenter

return of the open_mrl dialog

2002-11-29 20:00:23 Tree
[7d2680] by pmhahn

Update by Frantisek Dvorak

2002-11-26 08:24:40 Tree
[a1310f] by guenter

avoid warnings

2002-11-25 21:56:40 Tree
[52caf5] by guenter

solaris fixes

2002-11-25 18:03:00 Tree
[983c71] by guenter

push name change to gxine a little further

2002-11-25 12:19:27 Tree
[ab9794] by guenter

older glib is sufficient

2002-11-22 23:38:28 Tree
[424047] by guenter

remove imlib include

2002-11-21 14:46:22 Tree
[06ac5d] by guenter

cleaning up

2002-11-21 02:11:06 Tree
[a2b267] by guenter

turn gnome-xine into a only-gtk-needed gxine, implement nicer wizards

2002-11-21 01:58:00 Tree
[ffd318] by storri

Makefile.am: replaced cvscompile.sh with autogen.sh in EXTRA_DIST

browser-plugin/Makefile.am: Fixed noinst_HEADERS.

2002-11-17 03:26:10 Tree
[4443ea] by storri

Added Rewind and Fast Forward buttons to the GUI.
Added action_rewind and action_fast_forward to the handle the
actions of the new buttions
Added playlist_size to keep track of the size of the playlist. (This
is important when considering how the "fast-foward" button is limited
to the size of the playlist.)

2002-11-17 03:24:37 Tree
[d4c7bc] by storri

Updated icons for gnome-xine. Look better than the black ones. Just my
opinion though. :)

2002-11-17 03:22:40 Tree
[55ac26] by guenter

check for dvd and cdrom device, not cdrom twice :>

2002-11-15 17:34:35 Tree
[7f9927] by guenter

handle m3u playlists

2002-11-15 16:45:59 Tree
[7dcfeb] by guenter

gnome/kde desktop integration, add gnome-xine to .mailcap

2002-11-13 04:11:04 Tree
[62c3a3] by storri

Renamed target to gnome-xine from xine-lib

Install logo when doing install-debug

Fix spell mistake and add ":" to define the end of a attribute (e.g Title:)

Removed unused variabels

2002-11-12 05:13:19 Tree
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