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[008072] by dsalt

This file was mostly bloat :-)

2006-03-06 20:27:28 Tree
[668745] by dsalt

Doc updates.

2006-03-06 20:22:40 Tree
[70d06b] by dsalt

Translation update. (Maghally Clovis)

2006-03-06 20:17:52 Tree
[8b7018] by dsalt

Add comments to help translators.

2006-03-06 20:16:28 Tree
[622d96] by dsalt

Translation update (Dong Changdao).

2006-03-06 18:41:05 Tree
[68054f] by dsalt

Fix auto-subtitle logic.
Doubly-encode the subtitle filename since it seems to be handled as a file: MRL.

2006-03-06 18:23:21 Tree
[1baede] by dsalt

Kill some compiler warnings.

2006-03-06 18:20:49 Tree
[7fa715] by pmhahn


2006-03-06 08:11:18 Tree
[60906d] by dsalt

Translation update. (Daniel Nylander)

2006-03-06 01:25:05 Tree
[18c05f] by dsalt

Translation update. (Maghally Clovis)

2006-03-06 01:17:37 Tree
[3713c0] by dsalt


2006-03-06 00:04:37 Tree
[32b8bf] by dsalt

Oops. utils.c should have been in this list.

2006-03-06 00:03:55 Tree
[418ce1] by dsalt

Revert the recent deinterlacing change. It seems to be causing problems...

2006-03-06 00:00:29 Tree
[aabc10] by dsalt

Convert the playlist window's button-shading code fully to event-based.
Replace the "New" button with another "Open", with the same functionality.
Add a new "New" button which immediately opens the playlist item editing window.

2006-03-05 23:59:18 Tree
[0c2a6c] by dsalt

Add a file button to the playlist/mediamarks item editor dbox.
Add an edit type for new playlist items.

2006-03-05 23:57:01 Tree
[417024] by dsalt

Move the "file" button code from open_mrl.c into utils.c.

2006-03-05 23:49:58 Tree
[ebcc46] by dsalt

Doc update.

2006-03-05 02:05:36 Tree
[9d9efa] by dsalt

Make the setup wizards window modal unless invoked by the user.

2006-03-05 02:03:59 Tree
[a4db93] by dsalt

Make using the old deinterlacer once again dependent on there being no plugins
in the deinterlacer chain.

2006-03-05 01:49:23 Tree
[39fe09] by dsalt

Fix segfault if the gtkvideo private thread isn't running.

2006-03-04 22:46:29 Tree
[84a645] by dsalt

Stop gxine from slurping in potentially huge files when loading a playlist file.

2006-03-04 21:44:03 Tree
[d5f3fa] by dsalt

Translation update (Dong Changdao).

2006-03-04 03:46:15 Tree
[b6d4f4] by dsalt

Tweak gxine.desktop to pass validation.

2006-03-04 03:04:34 Tree
[48da16] by dsalt

Doc update.

2006-03-03 20:02:19 Tree
[6a91a4] by dsalt

Cause the "play" button to be (un)shaded when the playlist is modified.

2006-03-03 19:37:21 Tree
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