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...just collecting ideas and bug reports here
(roughly ordered by priority - which doesn't necessarily have any influence
on the order in which they get fixed/implemented)


- add_mm dialog: - sometimes shows wrong/random start time
		 - pre-set title from meta info, if available

- Info area below display is empty while playing a DVD even though there
  is at least a little info to report about a DVD.

- When playback is stopped, the seek indicator stays in the same place.
  This is unsightly. It should be reset to the start of the seek bar.

ideas / feature requests

- message event support for dvd error messages

- make main window skinable

- iconify/no video mode for audio only playback

- provide sample media marks (some internet radio/tv stations)

- add command to wait for stream end and other events to script engine

- Don't "rewind" the movie when "stop" is pushed - do only blank the window.
  Making it more like a VCR than a DVD player. 
  I think that would be more "safe" and useful. 
  Maybe, if wanted, the stop could do what it's doing now, but after
  2 clicks?

- Which 'live' streams are pauseable?
  - Definitely not the stream from vdr - it handles pausing itself.
  - For pauseable streams: it's possibly useful that you can pause it then
    continue minutes later (maybe after eating lots of memory) from where you
    stopped - but you should be made very aware that it's no longer "live",
    but more like "delayed live", so maybe there could also be a display
    like: "LIVE -2:45". (Fast-forward would also be possible for a delayed

- slider behaviour

  You actually have to click and hold the slider and move it around. 
  I am used to being able to click anywhere in the seek bar and 
  having the playback jump to that point. 

unsorted stuff

* In the Manage Mediamarks dialog box, I cut a mediamark and then pasted
  it...and then it pasted again...ooooh...gxine didn't like that. Playback
  continues just fine but the GUI is completely frozen with the paste button
  still pressed.

* Mediamarks aren't very useful for DVDs (dvd:/). I get the impression
  that mediamrks are primarily intended for bookmarking the addresses of
  online broadcast stations, true?

* Support nvtv TV-out (as xine-ui 0.9.13 does).

* When the stream in non-seekable, or when no stream is loaded
  - hide the slidebar knob (and possibly also the slidebar itself)?