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xindy 2.3 (Gour and Jörg Waited Too Long For It Release)

I'm happy to announce the availability of xindy Release 2.3, a.k.a. the `Gour and Jörg Waited Too Long For It Release'.

This is the first official release with a source distribution that can be installed with the simple canonical `./configure ; make ; make install' chant. All patches that have flown around on the mailing list over the last two years have been incorporated.

In particular, this distribution has now UTF-8 support out of the box and fixes many problems with *.idx file parsing.... read more

Posted by Joachim Schrod 2008-01-09

Mailing list moved to Sourceforge

Since the domain of the old mailing list is closing down, the xindy mailing list has been moved to Sourceforge. This also brings us a list archive, again.

Posted by Joachim Schrod 2004-08-07

xindy releases consolidated

xindy releases are now available via the Sourceforge package download mechanism. Formerly, they have been available at several different places, at TU Darmstadt and via Sourceforge Web/ftp site.

Posted by Joachim Schrod 2001-10-21