XIMS 1.0 released

XIMS 1.0 is a new feature release. Since the last XIMS release, the list of
changes has grown considerably. Therefore, and so as to include the new
bug fixes, we strongly recommend to upgrade existing installations to this
best ever XIMS release!

New features include WebDAV support, integration with a new customized version
of HTMLArea, support for other WYSIWYG-Editors like BXE, TinyMCE, and Xinha, new
object types, better support for web portal management, user interface updates and
user management updates.

Download XIMS 1.0 at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=42250&package_id=34348&release_id=359774

Posted by Michael Kroell 2005-09-28

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