#57 Carriage Returns not terminated from questions/ input data


It seems that carriage returns are not terminated when the result data of a questionaire is being downloaded as XLS-file or plain data.

Therefore resorting the output data with cxq2spss or ximsq2xlsspss becomes quite complicated: Both programs think that in each line there should be a new data field but sometimes a carriage return is just the result of a carriage return in one of the questions or inside one of the answers in a text field.

Solution: Terminate carriage returns in both questions & answers.


  • andreas1975

    andreas1975 - 2007-08-16

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    I managed to narrow down the source of the problem: Illegal carriage returns are only present in the XLS-file (btw. there also seems to be a problem with UTF-8 encondig on turkish characters), and the source seems to be a carriage return inside the question, not inside the answer, e.g:
    Q 1.1 "Would you please state your date of birth?<RETURN>(Format: MM-DD-YYYY)"
    will result in two seprate lines in the XLS-File:
    XXXXX<TAB>A 1.1.1<TAB>Would you please state your date of birth?<RETURN>
    (Format: MM-DD-YYYY)<TAB>01-29-1975<RETURN>
    rather then the correct output:
    XXXXX<TAB>A 1.1.1<TAB>Would you please ...?<TERMINATED CR>(Format: MM-DD-YYYY)<TAB>01-29-1975<RETURN>

  • Hansjoerg Pehofer

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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