#54 department_path element of DepartmentRoot in Folder


If a Folder-Object containing a DepartmentRoot is directly Child of a SiteRoot the department_path element of the corresponding ou.xml is empty, which prevents department-links to be displayed properly.

exemplary hierarchy:

SiteRoot |
'-> Folder |
'-> DeptRoot (X)

DepartmentRoot X gets an empty department_path element in ou.xml. Thus department-links do not appear in published HTML-Output.

Department-links in a hierarchy similar to the below one are displayed as expected:

SR |
'-> F |
'-> DR |
'-> F |
'-> DR

Although, from an conceptional point of view, it hardly makes sense building a SiteRoot-Folder-DepartmentRoot hierarchy, but is this behaviour intended?


  • Michael Kroell

    Michael Kroell - 2007-03-24
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  • Michael Kroell

    Michael Kroell - 2007-03-24

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    For a DepartmentRoot in a SiteRoot/Folder/DepartmentRoot hierarchy, the correct department_path relative to the SiteRoot is an empty string or a '/' respectively. The department_path is by definition the path to the current's object Objectroot (Department-|SiteRoot) which is in that case the the SiteRoot. Relative to the SiteRoot (resolvereltositeroots config option is set to 1 per default) that points to directly to '/'. The path to corresponding ou.xml would therefore be /ou.xml and from there the SiteRoot's DepartmentLinks can be found.

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