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Now compatible with X-Plane V9+

Thanks to Sandy Barbour XHSI is now compatible with X-Plane V9+. Thanks a lot for the great work, Sandy!

Posted by Georg Gruetter 2009-05-13

XHSI needs a new developer!

Hi pilots,

after almost 18 months of not flying in any kind of simulator I realized that I will not continue developing XHSI further.

However, XHSI is open source and as such open to any developer who wants to pick up where I left. I'd be more than happy to hand over this little project to a new developer (just let me know).

This was my first open source project and I'd like to thank all of you who participated by encouraging me to go on and who hinted at bugs and improvements. It was a lot of fun and I hope you continue to find XHSI useful.... read more

Posted by Georg Gruetter 2008-09-07

Ongoing improvements

In preparation for the release of XHSI 1.0, I am currently improving the existing code and rendering performance.

The rendering code is currently undergoing a major refactoring to allow for adding new navigation display modes (such as extended and center approach mode or plan mode) and a pfd mode in the future. I am afraid this will take some time during which I will add new features only sporadically.... read more

Posted by Georg Gruetter 2007-03-20

XHSI 1.0 Beta 6 is out

- Bugfixes
- Compass rose ticks on right side are now displayed correctly
- deflection of VOR/NDB is now calculated relative to horizontal path instead of
aircraft heading (which deviates from the horizontal path in case of side winds)
- Performance and cosmetic UI changes
- Adapted color scheme and font sizes to match those found on the original Boeing
- Exchanged rounded instrument frame with simple statusbar to increases rendering
performance (about 6%)
- Wind direction now shows degree symbol
- calling the jar with java -jar XHSI.jar --help will display usage information
- flight session recording now allows to specify recording rate. If specified, will
record only every n'th frame to reduce recording file sizes

Posted by Georg Gruetter 2007-03-15

XHSI 1.0 Beta 5 is out

Beta 5 fixes the incompatibility with XSquawkbox and the heading issue (headings > 360°).

Posted by Georg Gruetter 2007-03-13

XHSI moved to SourceForge

Due to the positive and massive feedback from users of early betas of XHSI and requests for co-development, I have decided to move XHSI from my private blog (http://www.g16g.de) to SourceForge. This platform will support the collaborative development of XHSI in the future - I am looking forward to it.


Posted by Georg Gruetter 2007-03-11

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