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xget 0.2.1 Release

I wasn't paying attention and after I released xget 0.2 and I deleted my work out of my local paths, I found that the xget logo wasn't present in the program. This would cause the About window to not have anything in it. This is a quick fix. use the ./install file to install the new xget into the same directory you did before, and edit the $exepath = "" if you had to before (If you don't use /usr/local/xget then you must do that).
Sorry about this, to all those who already downloaded 0.2... read more

Posted by Thomas Bruno 2000-06-22

xget 0.2 Perl/Tk Release

xget 0.2 Perl/Tk has been release and has been overhauled greatly. With new GUI design, custom user options using the user's home directorys. A great install script, and many fixes.
A Great plus in this version is the ability to recursive download!!!

This version also contains a huge code clean up!

Posted by Thomas Bruno 2000-06-21

New Hompage

Xget's homepage developement has started.

Be looking forward to seeing it within the next week! at http://www.christiansrock.com/xget

Posted by Thomas Bruno 2000-06-21

xget 0.1 Perl/Tk release

This is the official release of xget 0.1 Perl/Tk.

I have added a url history section. Where you can select from 10 of your previous downloads with out having to retype them.
There may be a few bugs in this area, so please let us know.

Both valid and non valid URLs are put into the history box. I have not desided how I am going to prevent invalid urls yet.

Now that the stable 0.1 perl/Tk release is out, work will begin on the c/gtk+ version until it has cought up with the perl/Tk version. Bugs in the perl/Tk version will still be fix and it will still continue to be worked on.... read more

Posted by Thomas Bruno 2000-06-16

Inititial Perl/Tk Release

To We have release the initial perl/Tk verion 0.01b

Posted by Thomas Bruno 2000-06-14

First Release (CONSOLE)

The First Release of the console version is going to be delayed. At first it was going to be a primitive perl script with a few options nothing really big. I was starting small and was going to work my way up. But since my release of the perl/Tk version I've found it better to either make it nice and usefull or just scrap it.

Posted by Thomas Bruno 2000-06-07