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XGBDMT Platform Independant

Major Update!
Platform Independent PHP, MYSQL, JAVA
Also have incorporated webcalendar
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Posted by HRU Labs 2008-08-30

Working on the PHP/MySQL port of the gbdmt

Recently I have fired back up the graphical botanical database management tool development.

The html java access dtatabase was not near what I needed to achieve my goal of platform independence. I have learned PHP and SQL programming and will be posting a test release very soon.

Posted by HRU Labs 2005-11-23


-The Graphical Botanical Database Management Tool-

Version1.0 conceived September, 2002.
(Current Version, V2 build 5)

To this point created by: Me {all credit will be given where credit is due.}
This Current build is only for MS Windows, coming soon to X-windows.

I have programmed this with MS Access, DreamWeaverMX, MS J++ 6.0, Borland-JBuilder and MS Word.

If it seems like I dont know what Im doing, youre probably right. But Im trying, and yes I need a little help to make it perfect.
However, I have put together an access database program that I find very useful. Its small stable and runs very well. When I started I knew nothing about MS Access, I needed a very specific botanical database, so I started to fiddle with it and this is what came out. It is very good, but can be great. I hope to find interested people to help me give it a go. I will make it available in native 97, 2000, and 2002, Access database formats. The MS java build is very much in beta, in fact its on hold till the database is ready so as not to waste time unnecessarily re-programming, and, is not due to be released for beta testing till mid to late spring 2004, depending on the status of the raw database. The Borland Java is even more in beta then that. IV never used it and having just started learning to use it. Any interested persons who wish to convert this to platform independent please contact me. And since sun java doesnt like Microsoft anything it will be a challenge.... read more

Posted by HRU Labs 2004-01-09