In the next few weeks, Rodent Beta release 2 will be released. The substance of this release is to solve all open bugs listed in the bug tracker system and to eliminate all deprecated gtk calls (as of current stable gentoo ebuild, which today seems to be gtk+-2.22.1-r1). This last detail has ensued in the replacement of gdk for cairo for graphics.

In order to keep things running on older Ubuntu boxes, The use of cairo will be restricted to version 1.08, although 1.10 has a lot of cool stuff to make things easier.

This, detail has ensued in rewrite and optimization of expose routines. So and so, more eyecandy and functionality has been added. For example, the rubberband selection box now selects/unselects on the fly and will automatically scroll up or down if necessary).

Other eyecandy is the individual saturation of icon labels as exists for the icons themselves.

At the present time, a couple minor bugs (hardly noticeable)  with the new expose routines are pending
resolution, as well as four open bug reports ( 3293326,  3288556, 3286116, 3286112).

So if you have detected any bug which you would like to be solved in Rodetn Beta release 2, now's the time
to list the bug report.