Rodent Beta release 2 (aka xffm-4.6.4) has now been released and is yours!

This is a bug fix release with many optimizations and new features added.

The most important fix is a race which caused a dbh file corruption with a 1/25 probability on virgin startups. It would only affect the user who had the corrupt dbh file. The corrupt file could be removed with a rm -rf `find ~ -name "rfm*"`.

Anyways, the race condition is fixed in 4.6.4, but if you were unlucky enough with 4.6.2, just remove the rfm directories "~/.cache/rfm", "~/.local/share/rfm" and "~/.config/rfm". This will leave your directory as good as new.

The most important features added to 4.6.4 are:

1) New touch frontend: all GNU touch options are now available. For the creation of such a powerful and bug free backend to rodent touch, special thanks to
   Paul Rubin
   Arnold Robbins
   Jim Kingdon
   David MacKenzie
   Randy Smith

2) Rendering is now done with cairo. This makes for prettier graphics and optimized routines.

3) Rubberband selection now does up and down scrolling and will select/unselect on the fly.

4) Updated translations: we now have the greater part of the world population covered.

5) Remove, find, settings, touch dialogs now run in their own threads.

6) Added RTFM and Help buttons for cp, mv, ln, shred and fgr.

7) Added a conventional "About" dialog.

8) Migrated pasteboard from server-base to thread-safe client-base.

9) Variable icon/thumbnail size (per directory memory) via a zoom-in/zoom-out button.

New requirements:
    bash (Ubuntu's use of dash is not adequate)
    librsvg >= 2.26.0
    cairo >= 1.8.10

Requirements which are now optional:

A list of reported bugs fixed can be found at and unlisted bugs which were also fixed can be found at the ChangeLog file: .

Source tarball can be downloaded from
You will also find debian i386/amd64 packages (build on squeeze) at this site.

PPA files for Ubuntu are not yet available, but we will try to get them online. Meanwhile, you should be able to use the source tarball or debian packages.

Build has been tested successfully on Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, ArchLinux and FreeBSD. It should be fine on other Linux distributions too.


Rodent homepage (hosted at

BTW: The only big difference between an advanced user and a dummy, is that the first will RTFM. As such, Rodent's FM will appear shortly at Stay tuned.