Right-click menu to manage processes

  • DAY

    DAY - 2012-09-10

    Hi, Ed,

    I noticed that in Rodent, when I left-click and start a process, an icon would appear to the bottom right indicating there is process running.  This is a really cool feature, the task tray!  But it would even better if we can have a right-click context menu on it to manage the process: at least to stop or kill it.  How do you think?

  • Edscott Wilson Garcia

    If you click on the button of the task tray, this will open the rodent-ps plugin focused on that particular process. Once that window opens, the right click menu over the process icon will allow you to send any signal to the process (TERM, KILL, SEGV) or to suspend/continue.

    But I do think it is a very good idea to directly load the popup menu for the task item from the plugin when you right click  the button. That would make things go faster.  I'll try to work that out for the next release.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • DAY

    DAY - 2012-09-11

    Yes, I saw that a new window will pop-up that allows process management.  But one pop-up window for each process is a bit too much.  That is why I propose a context menu on the icon.  Looking forward to this feature in the next release.  Thanks for the quick response.

  • Edscott Wilson Garcia

    You are correct. The popup will be included in the next release, that is for sure.


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