A startup bug (critical) slipped by unnoticed into the  4.7.0 release. You may or may not be affected by it, depending on how your computer deals with parallel processes. The problem is in the generation of the mimetype-application association cache.

  If on initial startup you get any warnings of the like "refuse to write" or if you click on a text file and the open with dialog pops up instead of the default editor, then you were affected.

  Simple fix: remove all  traces with:
$rm -rf  `find ~/ -name "rfm-Gamma"`

  Then start rodent with "rodent-desk" instead of plain "rodent".

This will avoid the race and generate correct caches. The bug only occurs when the user runs rodent for the first time.
This has been fixed in SVN for release 4.7.1.

Thank you for your comprehension.