Dodd Grile
  • Dodd Grile

    Dodd Grile - 2012-03-05

    Been playing with the Rodent and it's pretty cool, but I can't figure out a way to have rodent start an app without it opening a useless terminal window. Can you help? Thanks.

  • Edscott Wilson Garcia

    Graphic applicacions should have a .desktop file to invoke execution on click. These .desktop files are also known as launchers or direct-access.

    For example, if you have gvim installed, look in /usr/share/applications and you will see a file called gvim.desktop. Inside this file you will find the command line, associated icon, and whether to open in a terminal or not. If you click on this icon with Rodent, the application will be executed without a terminal (unless terminal is specified).

    OTH, if you go to /usr/bin and click on the gvim file, Rodent will open in a terminal because this is the way programs should be executed when they are not graphic. There is no information in /usr/bin/gvim that says the program should not be executed in a terminal.

    So much for the logic behind the mechanics of Rodent. If you want to execute the executable file "foo", without opening a terminal you have 2 options:

    1. right click over foo and select "open with" from the popup menu. Write "bash -c" and click OK. From this point on, whenever you click on foo, it will open without a terminal;
    2. create the desktop file, foo.desktop:

    Comment=A nice foo application



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